HOKA Unveils Skyward X A Major Breakthrough in Running Technology

HOKA®, a division of Deckers Brands (NYSE: DECK), is thrilled to introduce the groundbreaking Skyward X, the latest breakthrough in their line of maximalist cushioned performance running shoes. Representing a celebration of cutting-edge advancements in footwear technology, the Skyward X promises to deliver the quintessential HOKA cushioning experience, offering runners a sensation that is both refreshingly novel and unmistakably characteristic of the brand.

Engineered with an emphasis on providing a soft and smooth running experience, the Skyward X combines HOKA’s foundational design principles with an innovative carbon fiber plate system to deliver a dynamic ride that is exceptionally cushioned, responsive, and stable, thereby making every run feel effortless.

At the heart of the Skyward X lies an intricate layering of plush foams meticulously selected for their superior cushioning properties. Beginning with a luxuriously soft yet resilient PEBA foam closest to the foot, the shoe ensures a cushioned and responsive ride, complemented by the supportive yet forgiving Active Foot Frame™ technology for enhanced foot cradling. Transitioning closer to the ground, a slightly firmer super-critical EVA foam, featuring the renowned MetaRocker™ design, provides added stability and facilitates a smooth toe-off.

However, the true innovation of the Skyward X lies in its revolutionary carbon suspension system, ingeniously integrated between the foam layers. Featuring an innovative convex carbon fiber plate that arches upward in the middle, this system mimics the dynamic suspension of the foot, particularly the arch, throughout each stride, resulting in an unparalleled sensation of weightless suspension and effortless movement. This unique combination of advanced foams, carbon technology, and geometric design renders the Skyward X an unparalleled cushioned running experience.

Complementing its advanced cushioning technology, the Skyward X boasts a newly designed flat knit upper with zonal engineering, ensuring a comfortable and accommodating fit. An external TPU heel counter adds structural support, while an integrated ghillie system in the eye row enhances midfoot lockdown. Weighing in at 9.2 oz for Women’s size 8 and 11.3 oz for Men’s size 10, with a stack height of 48mm and a 5mm drop, the Skyward X represents the culmination of extensive testing, prototyping, and innovative design, resulting in a running shoe that pushes the boundaries of performance.

Colin Ingram, Vice President of Product and Apparel at HOKA, commented, “We set out with a blank slate to redefine the signature cushioned ride that HOKA is renowned for. Through meticulous innovation and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance, we’ve created something truly exceptional with the Skyward X. We’re excited to introduce runners to the unparalleled experience of the Skyward X and invite them to discover the next evolution of running.

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