H&M Move Joins Forces with Women Win to Champion Gender Equality Through Sports

H&M Move’s community program, Move Together, is dedicated to supporting young individuals in overcoming barriers and fostering a sense of belonging where they can flourish and move forward together. Partnering with local organizations in Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Jordan, Mexico, South Africa, and the UK, Move Together utilizes football as a primary tool to drive positive change. These organizations share a common objective, focusing not only on sports but also on developing leadership skills, building self-confidence, and providing psychosocial support and health education.

Addressing gender equity is a significant challenge, but both Women Win and the ONSIDE Fund recognize collaboration as the key to driving change. By joining forces with H&M Move, they aim to further level the playing field for girls and challenge traditional gender stereotypes associated with sports. In March, coinciding with International Women’s Month, a group of inspiring women representing these seven organizations convened digitally for an intimate meeting. They shared experiences and drew inspiration from one another and from Nadia Nadim, a professional football player and Brand Mover for H&M Move.

Nadia Nadim shared her personal journey, starting with playing football in a refugee camp in Denmark, where she found happiness, freedom, power, confidence, and acceptance on the field. She expressed her enthusiasm for being part of this collaboration and her hope that her story will inspire young girls worldwide to pursue their dreams, regardless of their circumstances.

The power of movement and sport lies in their ability to forge connections and generate collective energy to overcome physical, mental, and social boundaries. Women Win and the local organizations supported by H&M Move are making remarkable strides in empowering girls and young women to become change-makers in their own lives and communities.

Here’s a brief overview of the local organizations involved in this partnership:

COLOMBIA: Colectivo Femenino FUNDAR – LA PELOTA DE TRAPO La Pelota de Trapo, a young women-led collective, advocates for girls’ and women’s rights to sport and play through leadership-building workshops and high-quality football training.

COSTA RICA: Fundación GOLEES Fundación GOLEES promotes girls’ and women’s empowerment in marginalized communities by combining football training with psychosocial support and leadership development, creating safe spaces for play and community building.

GUATEMALA: Jóvenes por el Cambio Jóvenes por el Cambio uses boxing and football to empower girls and women in urban and rural indigenous communities, fostering leadership skills, self-confidence, and awareness of their rights.

JORDAN: Karak Castle Center for Consultations and Training Karak Castle Center promotes gender equality by enhancing self-confidence, improving skills, and providing opportunities for women and girls’ participation in the south of Jordan.

MEXICO: Komon tajkoltajbatik. A. C. Founded by young indigenous women, Komon tajkoltajbatik. A. C. encourages indigenous girls and adolescents to gain self-confidence and knowledge of their rights.

SOUTH AFRICA: ActivateHer ActivateHer aims to break down gender stereotypes associated with sports by providing young girls with opportunities for sports practice, leadership development, social-emotional learning, and health education.

UK: Camden & Islington United Camden & Islington United’s Women Team is a diverse group working to create a women’s football program where players of all ages and abilities can thrive, encompassing playing, coaching, and other roles within the sport.

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