Herbal Essences Aloe & Camellia Oil for Lightweight, Nourished Hair

Not all natural elements are crafted with the same efficacy. Some possess hidden capabilities and distinctive qualities tailored for optimal hair care. Embracing the principles of plant science and harnessing the essence of nature, Herbal Essences proudly unveils a novel range of shampoo and conditioner products, specifically designed to nourish hair while imparting a remarkably lightweight feel. A staggering 76% of women express concerns about their hair feeling burdensome, and while they aspire to rejuvenate dry or lackluster hair, apprehensions about potential build-up and heaviness linger with existing options.

At the core of each innovative formula lies a harmonious blend of pure Aloe and the lightweight marvel of Camellia Oil, both meticulously certified by plant experts at The Royal Botanic Gardens, KEW, and thoughtfully curated by Herbal Essences.

Derived from camellia plant seeds, camellia oil mirrors the natural structure of oils inherent in healthy hair. Its exceptional ability to swiftly absorb into the hair complements the moisturizing and protective attributes of pure Aloe. The certified pure aloe is handpicked leaf by leaf and meticulously extracted to preserve its antioxidant properties. Together, these ingredients empower the new Herbal Essences line to deliver soft and flexible locks without the undesirable weight.

“Discovering that many consumers feel compelled to compromise between excessively dry or saturated hair that feels burdensome, we set out to identify ingredients that could address the nourishment without the associated weight,” expressed Rob Reiss, P&G NA Hair Care Vice President. “We are excited to introduce the New Herbal Essences with Pure Plants of Aloe and Camellia Oil across 11 collections of shampoo and conditioner.”

Beyond the promise of nourished, lightweight hair boasting a captivating fragrance, Herbal Essences remains dedicated to sustainability and inclusive design. The new shampoo and conditioner bottles contain 25% less plastic than their predecessors. Additionally, they feature raised tactile markings, enabling individuals with impaired vision to easily distinguish between shampoo (stripes) and conditioner (circles).

The New Herbal Essences proudly holds certification as PETA cruelty-free and paraben-free, with numerous sulfate-free options available. The collections boast at least 96% natural origin ingredients and cater to diverse needs such as daily moisture, curl definition, volume, frizz control, color nurture, and more. Choose the collection that best suits your hair’s unique requirements, available at major retailers or HerbalEssences.com, starting at $9.99.

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