Hanshow’s Polaris Pro ESL NRF 2024 Showcase for Sustainable Retail with Full-Color Solutions

Hanshow has introduced the groundbreaking Polaris Pro series at the 2024 National Retail Federation convention in New York, showcasing the company’s innovative spirit and commitment to “Full Color Sustainable Retail.” Attendees can explore the future of retail at Booth 3365, Level 3, Javits Convention Center in NYC, from January 14 to 16. The Hanshow Polaris Pro stands out as more than just another ESL, representing a new era in retail efficiency and customer engagement with distinctive core features:

  1. Elevated Screen-to-Body Ratio and Superior Multicolor Display: The Hanshow Polaris Pro series transforms adaptability in retail spaces with advanced placement flexibility, seamlessly integrating into diverse store layouts. It offers a visually stunning upgrade through a significant increase in screen-to-body ratio, providing larger displays within sleeker bezels that can be oriented both horizontally and vertically.
  2. Streamlined Design and Durable Battery Life: Retailers will appreciate the unibody design of the Hanshow Polaris Pro – remarkably 37% thinner than traditional electronic shelf labels. This slim profile is coupled with a thinner and user-replaceable battery boasting up to a decade of life, ensuring sustained performance and minimizing maintenance efforts.
  3. Intelligent In-Store Management Efficiency and Shopping Experience: The Hanshow Polaris Pro ensures precise product positioning and an innovative one-second flashing light feature, enhancing both staff and customer ability to locate products with unprecedented ease. This accelerates inventory management and improves the shopping experience, resulting in heightened operational productivity.
  4. Millisecond-Level Price Synchronization and Reliability: Capable of millisecond-level timed updates, the Hanshow Polaris Pro series synchronizes effortlessly with POS systems, enabling immediate and accurate pricing across an entire retail network. Its robust technology ensures consistent operation even during unforeseen network or power outages.
  5. Eco-Friendly Manufacturing: Reflecting Hanshow’s commitment to sustainability, the Polaris Pro is manufactured using clean-energy-powered automation, reducing the carbon footprint. The highly integrated design of the SiP chip lowers the number of electronic components, further decreasing carbon emissions and maintaining high consistency and quality.

Shiguo Hou, CEO of Hanshow, emphasizes, “Hanshow Polaris Pro isn’t just a new product; it’s a statement about where the retail industry can go when it embraces sustainability without compromising functionality. This launch signifies our unwavering dedication to providing comprehensive, sustainable, and consumer-friendly retail solutions.”

Beyond the Polaris Pro launch, Hanshow’s NRF 2024 showcase illustrates a holistic approach to retail innovation. In-store marketing and AI-driven solutions take center stage, showcasing how integrated technology can personalize customer interactions, optimize store operations, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Hanshow remains committed to a greener, more digital, and more sustainable future, aiming to create positive impacts within the industry and deliver exceptional value to customers. The company’s dedication to continuous innovation extends to partners, stakeholders, and the entire community whose steadfast support has been integral to its success. Hanshow looks forward to sharing its future and the exciting journey of upgrading the retail industry as part of this global community.

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