H2 Unveiled Heron Preston and H&M Collaborate on their Inaugural Collection

New York, NY, February 29th, 2024 – The collaborative venture, H2, marks a transformative paradigm in partnership dynamics, emphasizing the convergence of product, people, and process. This innovative alliance between Heron Preston and H&M transcends traditional boundaries, encompassing seasonal collections, creative advisory, and a commitment to nurturing emerging creative talent. Central to their shared vision is a circular innovation program aimed at closing the fashion loop.

The inaugural H2 collection epitomizes this multifaceted philosophy, drawing inspiration from the elegance of everyday style, especially the attitude and street fashion of New York. Rooted in Heron Preston’s design DNA, the collection seamlessly melds novel concepts of utility, impeccable fits, durability, versatility, and cultural archetypes with meticulous attention to detail.

Preston notes, “It’s a collection seamlessly integrated into anyone’s existing wardrobe, acknowledging individuality through design codes, fits, shapes, and styles universally relatable. We recognize how real people adopt clothing and adapt it to their personal style.”

Key pieces include reversible bomber jackets in 100% Nylon, long-sleeve racing-style jerseys in 100% recycled polyester with an uplifting “Unity” print, and hard-working staples such as reversible hoodies made from rich 300 and 400 gsm cotton. The collection also features straight-cut 12.75 oz denim jeans made from 20% recycled cotton, with prices ranging from EUR 19.99 to EUR 249.

Designed with a unisex approach, the collection includes expressive women’s pieces like bodysuits, lace-up corsets, catsuits, bike shorts, tank tops, and bikinis, accompanied by a curated range of accessories.

The collaboration extends beyond fashion with the launch of H2 EXCHANGE, a circular fashion program under Heron Preston’s creative direction. This initiative aims to equip a new generation of designers with circular mindsets and skills, infusing H&M’s circular initiatives with creativity, community, and learning experiences.

The debut H2 EXCHANGE program invites young, New York-based designers to apply through h2-exchange.com. Three talents will be selected to collaborate with Heron Preston, creating a unique collection of upcycled fashion based on donated clothes from personal closets around New York. H2 EXCHANGE kicks off with a public call for clothes donations from March 8 to 10 at 25 Howard Street in SoHo, rewarding contributors with personal tokens for priority access to events, the opportunity to purchase pieces from the collection, and discounts on H2 seasonal collections. As expressed by the collaborators, this marks just the beginning of their journey to accomplish remarkable feats together.

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