GroupBy’s AI-First eCommerce Search and Discovery Platform Enhances Customer Experience for New Era Japan

GroupBy Inc., a leading SaaS-based B2C and B2B eCommerce product discovery technology provider, is pleased to announce the successful implementation of its AI-first eCommerce Search and Product Discovery Platform, powered by Google Cloud Discovery AI, for New Era Japan, the Japanese division of New Era Cap Co. Established in 1920, the New Era Cap Company has been a global leader in the headwear and apparel industry for decades. Operating in the Japanese market, known for its high standards in customer service, New Era Japan aimed to enhance the digital shopping experience for its customers.

Committed to delivering world-class digital experiences, New Era Japan chose GroupBy’s eCommerce Search and Product Discovery Platform powered by Google Cloud Discovery AI. This platform seamlessly integrates with New Era’s Shopify store, tapping into catalog data and purchase history to elevate the digital customer experience. It provides relevant, personalized search results and optimized product recommendations, contributing to increased revenue.

Powered by Google Cloud Discovery AI, GroupBy’s platform effectively manages multilingual content, such as New Era Japan’s extensive product catalog with both English and Japanese text. This capability nearly eliminates null search results, significantly improving the online customer experience.

Manabu Hashino, Senior Director, Direct to Consumer & Digital at New Era Japan, expressed excitement about the collaboration with GroupBy, Google, and Grid Dynamics, stating that this partnership accelerates speed to market with a seamless implementation process. The goal is to enhance customer experiences with next-generation AI-powered search and product discovery technology while maximizing ROI.

GroupBy’s AI-first technology, leveraging Google’s expertise, employs advanced machine learning and AI algorithms trained on extensive data. Purpose-built for eCommerce, these algorithms optimize user experience for key metrics such as click-through rate, conversion rate, and revenue.

To expedite New Era’s speed-to-market and enhance ROI, implementation partner Grid Dynamics collaborated with GroupBy. As a cloud-native digital engineering company, Grid Dynamics specializes in data-driven solutions, and their expertise in integrating Google Cloud Retail Search facilitated a swift implementation process.

According to Roland Gossage, CEO of GroupBy Inc., New Era Japan has positioned itself at the forefront of eCommerce customer experience by choosing GroupBy’s AI-first Search and Product Discovery Platform. This platform ensures Google-quality search and recommendation results, delivering relevant, personalized search outcomes in both English and Japanese.

GroupBy Inc. continues to lead the way in revolutionizing eCommerce Product Discovery with its AI-first platform, assisting retailers like New Era Japan in achieving success in the competitive eCommerce landscape. Recently, GroupBy launched its AI Search & Discovery app on the Shopify App Store, enabling Shopify merchants to leverage true AI capabilities for maximum sales and an enhanced shopping experience. The app, powered by Google Cloud Discovery AI, delivers relevant results while reducing null search outcomes, ultimately allowing retailers to create uniquely curated digital experiences personalized to every visitor on their site.

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