GroupBy Unveils Cutting-Edge AI-Powered Search for Year, Make, and Model Fitment

A pioneer in SaaS-based eCommerce search and product discovery, GroupBy is revolutionizing the landscape of year, make, and model searches through the introduction of its innovative AI-powered Fitment™ product. Tailored for online stores specializing in automotive parts, tires, industrial and machinery supplies, electronics, and more, the Fitment product addresses the challenges posed by extensive product catalogs requiring precise specifications or fitments.

Traditionally, the market for such products has lacked significant search technology advancements, prompting GroupBy to develop Fitment. This solution harnesses the robust Google Cloud Discovery AI technology, which also powers GroupBy’s eCommerce Search and Product Discovery Platform. Many online sellers struggle to provide relevant product and part results due to the complexity of fitting a single part to tens of thousands of products. Additionally, outdated user interfaces contribute to a cumbersome buyer experience, with users often navigating through over 10 actions before finding the right product or abandoning the search altogether.

GroupBy’s AI-powered Fitment transforms the buyer experience by enabling them to find specific product parts directly through a search bar query, seamlessly integrating this experience into browsing, navigation, and recommendations. The returned parts are guaranteed to fit the queried product, eliminating the need for complex drop-down menus and configurators. This streamlined process significantly reduces friction in the purchasing journey, ensuring customers reach the right products with minimal steps.

Leveraging the capabilities of Google Cloud Discovery AI, GroupBy’s Fitment solution optimizes the search experience for both buyers and internal merchandising teams. Built on a cutting-edge Google Cloud search engine and trained on vast global and industry-specific datasets, it provides users with access to the most relevant search results that are guaranteed to fit accurately every time. The AI handles misspellings, calculates real-time result viability, and eliminates the need for creating intricate business rules.

Furthermore, GroupBy’s Fitment solution interprets the intent and contextual meaning behind search queries, distinguishing between year and model or even interpreting short-form searches like ‘Chevy’ or ‘Stang.’ This ensures the accuracy and relevance of search results. GroupBy’s next-generation Fitment technology empowers online retailers with advanced AI functionality, addressing consumer frustration with product findability and focusing on revenue gains.

GroupBy CEO Roland Gossage emphasizes the historical struggle of retailers with complex catalogs, highlighting the significant improvements brought by the AI-powered Fitment solution. By eliminating complexity and frustration in product part searches, the technology delivers precise and relevant results for conversational searches. Gossage foresees an AI-tech revolution taking place, emphasizing the competitive advantage for those embracing AI in the eCommerce marketplace.

To showcase its new Fitment™ product and explore how next-generation technology enhances revenue for B2B companies, GroupBy is hosting a panel discussion titled “AI-Powered Year, Make, and Model Fitment Search: Guarantee the Right Product & Fit Every Time” on Wednesday, January 31, at 1 p.m. EST, 10 a.m. PST. The discussion will demonstrate how AI-first Search and Product Discovery is modernizing eCommerce by solving complex search use cases like fitment. The panel, featuring GroupBy CEO Roland Gossage and B2B expert Bryan Beck, will delve into B2B eCommerce pain points, evolving consumer expectations, and the role of AI-first solutions in overcoming fitment challenges. Attendees will gain insights into how GroupBy’s new AI-powered Fitment product ensures results guaranteed to fit directly from the search bar, enhancing shopping experiences and boosting product findability, customer confidence, and online revenue.

GroupBy’s next-generation eCommerce Search and Product Discovery Platform, fueled by Google Cloud Discovery AI, drives relevance and high conversion rates for B2B and B2C eCommerce sites. The platform utilizes true AI to deliver tailored and hyper-personalized search results optimized for revenue, encompassing critical enterprise eCommerce functions such as data enrichment, search and browse, recommendations, merchandising, and analytics and reporting. By addressing search issues at their core, GroupBy’s platform minimizes manual curation and intervention, allowing merchandising teams to focus on revenue-generating activities and enhance the overall customer experience.

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