Glenmorangie Collaborates in Historic Auction Honoring Women in Whisky

The OurWhisky Foundation recently hosted a groundbreaking event: the first-ever auction dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of women in the whisky realm. Teaming up with renowned whisky brands like Ardbeg and Whisky Auctioneer, the online platform for whisky and spirits auctions, this event represents a significant milestone in whisky history.

At the heart of the auction lies The Demeter Collection, a meticulously curated assortment of distinct releases, each bearing the imprint of the industry’s most gifted women. Every bottle in this remarkable collection not only exemplifies craftsmanship and skill but also shares the captivating narratives of the women who shaped their creation.

A highlight of the auction was a special bottling of Ardbeg Twenty crafted by Gillian Macdonald, the Master Blender and Head of Whisky Creation at Glenmorangie and Ardbeg. The proceeds from this unique offering will bolster ongoing support for women in whisky, including the mentorship program spearheaded by the OurWhisky Foundation.

Joe Wilson, Head Curator and Spirits Specialist at Whisky Auctioneer, expressed, “Our industry has historically lacked diversity, a narrative we are dedicated to reshaping. The Demeter Collection serves as a tribute to the remarkable talents and triumphs of women in whisky, with the hope that this auction will ignite inspiration among both present and future generations.

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