Givaudan’s Plant Attitude Challenge Cut Alt-Protein Costs, Keep Taste

Givaudan’s ‘Plant Attitude Challenge’ is set to welcome five innovative protein start-ups from across the globe on April 17th. These start-ups will present their solutions aimed at reducing costs on standard recipes by up to 20% while maintaining a delectable and nutritious consumer experience. Additionally, they will address insights from Givaudan’s recent collaboration with UC Berkeley in their white paper titled ’10 Alternative Protein Pathways: Opportunities for Greater Efficiency’.

Among the finalists are Eat Typcal from Brazil, Meatless Kingdom from Indonesia, Eternal from the USA, Juicy Marbles from Slovenia, and BVeg Foods from India.

The culmination of this challenge will be a live virtual event on April 17th, featuring both public and jury voting. The winning start-up will have the opportunity to collaborate with Givaudan to bring their innovation to fruition. Givaudan boasts a global ecosystem of protein hubs and experts, along with cutting-edge digital technologies and a comprehensive portfolio of solutions.

Distinguished jury members include Flavio Garofalo, Global Director of Culinary & Plant Attitude at Givaudan, Dr. Sudhir Joshi, Professor at the University of California Berkeley, Beatriz Jacoste Lozano, Director of KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub, and Jolene Lum, Head of Business Development at Nurasa.

The Plant Attitude Challenge event on April 17th is open to the public, providing an opportunity for all participants to vote for their favorite start-up innovation. Interested individuals can register for the event and access the inspiring white paper, ’10 Alternative Protein Pathways: Opportunities for Greater Efficiency’.

For more details on the participating start-ups, please visit Eat Typcal, Meatless Kingdom, Eternal, Juicy Marbles, and BVeg Foods.

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