Givaudan Unveils Botanicals’ Potential at Vitafoods Europe Exhibition

Fresh insights and innovative wellness concepts will spotlight the potential unlocked through the harmonious fusion of sustainably harvested botanicals, rigorous scientific inquiry, and a profound grasp of flavor, ushering in a new era of health and wellness encounters.

At Vitafoods Europe (14-16 May 2024 in Geneva), Givaudan is set to unveil visionary concepts inspired by consumer needs, featuring its signature botanical ingredients in instant drinks and gummies. These pioneering concepts will exemplify effective strategies for meeting the escalating demand for immune fortification, urinary tract support, cognitive enhancement, relaxation, energy boost, and gut health.

Crafted to deliver an unparalleled sensory journey and cater to consumers’ daily rhythms, each concept draws upon solutions from Givaudan’s extensive arsenal of health, taste, and flavor ingredients. The morning offering introduces an invigorating instant drink infused with natural caffeine sourced from Givaudan’s groundbreaking guarana extract, complemented by a zesty citrus twist. Midday brings forth a revitalizing peppermint-flavored gummy featuring Cereboost™, Givaudan’s proprietary American ginseng extract proven to enhance attention and memory. As dusk falls, the evening concept beckons with a tranquilizing experience, harnessing the calming properties of valerian in a delectable black tea peach gummy.

Demonstrating its unwavering dedication to science-driven formulations, Givaudan will unveil the findings of a pioneering clinical study on Pacran™ during the event. Pacran™, a meticulously researched whole cranberry ingredient renowned for its urinary tract health benefits, underscores Givaudan’s prowess in crafting evidence-based nutraceutical solutions. Attendees eager to delve into the study’s insights can join a presentation at the New Ingredients Theatre on 14 May at 3:30 pm CEST.

Vitafoods attendees will also have the opportunity to delve deeper into the scientific and sourcing narratives behind these potent botanicals on Givaudan’s new Health & Nutrition Hub, an online platform showcasing the company’s array of branded ingredients. This digital showcase illuminates how natural ingredients, conscientious raw material selection, sustainable methodologies, and scientifically validated advantages converge to empower customers in differentiating their end products and resonating with consumers.

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