Givaudan Active Beauty Reveals Silk-iCare Vegan Silk for Perfect Skin

Introducing Silk-iCare™ by Givaudan Active Beauty – a groundbreaking vegan silk protein crafted to safeguard and rejuvenate the skin. Leveraging the marvels of white biotechnology, Silk-iCare™ heralds a new era in biomimetic silk protein innovation, delivering unparalleled skin-perfecting benefits. Through cutting-edge biotechnological processes, Givaudan Active Beauty has meticulously engineered a premium blend of silk proteins, meticulously fermented to birth Silk-iCare™ – an immaculate biomimetic silk renowned for its exceptional film-forming capabilities.

Silk-iCare™ swiftly forms an imperceptible yet resilient shield on the skin’s surface, offering immediate fortification and revitalization. Upon application, it weaves a seamless 3D fibrillar matrix across the skin, ensuring optimal performance without leaving any residue or causing dryness.

Boasting a distinctive hydrogel composition derived from natural silk, Silk-iCare™ embodies a thixotropic nature, facilitating smoother application and imparting a breathable, non-tacky finish.

The efficacy of Silk-iCare™ manifests instantly, conferring anti-pollution benefits and promoting skin recovery. Operating through a physical mechanism, Silk-iCare™ erects a protective barrier that effectively neutralizes over 96% of pollution particles. Clinical trials have corroborated a remarkable seven-fold reduction in pore size within a mere 15 minutes post-application. Over time, the reparative properties of Silk-iCare™ foster a twofold decrease in inflammatory breakouts, culminating in refined and flawless skin.

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