Givaudan Active Beauty Introduces Neuroglow Harnessing the Molecular Energy of the Sun

Givaudan Active Beauty proudly presents Neuroglow™, a revolutionary active ingredient engineered to replicate the beneficial effects of sunlight safely. Derived through green fractionation from Persicaria tinctoria sourced from Provence, France, Neuroglow™ aims to address the increasing demand for the positive impacts associated with sunlight exposure, especially in a world where modern lifestyles often confine us indoors.

Recognized for its ability to boost vitamin D production and enhance mood and energy levels, sunlight also contributes to a healthy appearance through desirable tanning effects. Studies indicate a significant desire among 80% of US Gen Z consumers for cosmetics that positively influence mood.

Neuroglow™ mimics sunlight’s advantageous properties by stimulating melanin production (+126%) and encouraging the skin’s release of wellbeing molecules like beta-endorphin (+43%), vitamin D (+345%), and oxytocin (+229%). By enhancing melanin production, Neuroglow™ primes the skin for sun exposure, resulting in a faster, healthier, and more natural tan, while offering improved overall wellbeing and energy levels. Moreover, it helps prevent potential inflammatory damage from sun exposure.

Initial clinical trials showcased remarkable results, with 76% of participants experiencing a notable shift in phototype from II to III within just 7 days. Additionally, 40% of these participants even progressed to a darker phototype IV, a significant advancement compared to the placebo group’s 0%. In a subsequent trial involving volunteers experiencing seasonal mood changes due to sunlight deficiency, Neuroglow™ demonstrated a reduction in tiredness, increased feelings of affection, and alleviation of “winter blues,” with over 80% of volunteers reporting positive outcomes.

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