Gap and Palace Unveil Joint Venture Honoring ’90s Fashion and Skateboarding Scene

Gap, the renowned American fashion powerhouse synonymous with originality, is teaming up with London’s esteemed skateboarding label Palace for an exclusive collection of adult and children’s apparel set to debut on March 22. This collaboration pays homage to the shared roots of both brands, celebrating themes of self-expression, individualism, and community while drawing inspiration from ’90s fashion trends, skate culture, and the vibrant spirit of San Francisco.

Palace’s venture into children’s products marks a significant expansion, promising to infuse every generation with its signature style. Established in 2009, Palace has solidified its presence in the streetwear scene, heavily influenced by the aesthetics of the ’90s, which harmonizes seamlessly with Gap’s rich heritage. The resulting collection seamlessly blends nostalgia with contemporary flair, appealing to both Gap enthusiasts and loyal Palace followers.

Mark Breitbard, President and CEO of Gap, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We thrive on partnerships with innovators like Palace, who expertly integrate our heritage while reimagining our iconic products through their unique lens. Palace embodies a spirit of authenticity, and we’re inspired by their craftsmanship. This collaboration epitomizes the current intersection of style and skate culture, and we’re thrilled for customers to immerse themselves in this distinctive interpretation of Gap.

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