Founder and CEO Alice Chang of Perfect Corp. to Unveil AI’s Empowering Influence on Women at the 2024 USC Women’s Conference

Alice Chang, the Founder and CEO of Perfect Corp., a leading provider of innovative AI solutions for the beauty and fashion sectors, is set to be recognized at the 2024 Women’s Conference hosted by the University of Southern California. This annual event, scheduled for March 1st at the University Park Campus, aims to unite trailblazing leaders in order to inspire the upcoming generation of women with tools for achieving success. As a kickoff to Women’s History Month, the conference promises a dynamic day of empowerment and networking, featuring an agenda that applauds the accomplishments and aspirations of women from diverse backgrounds.

Under the theme “Perfect Corp. CEO Alice Chang: Unleashing the Potential of AI for Women by Women,” the conference will include a session where Alice Chang, alongside Adrienne Bankert, Special Projects Anchor at NewsNation, will delve into the transformative impact of utilizing AI for women. This session will explore the various ways in which AI can be leveraged for societal benefit and will specifically focus on initiatives led by women that foster inclusivity and create new opportunities.

Encouraging Women to Overcome Obstacles and Thrive as Leaders in Technology

Expressing her dedication to empowering women in traditionally male-dominated fields, particularly within the dynamic realms of AI and technology, Alice Chang stated, “It is a great honor to address the USC Women’s conference and underscore the transformative potential of AI in nurturing women’s leadership and innovation. Together, we are working towards a future that is more inclusive and equitable.” The conference will provide a platform for Chang to share insights and advocate for the impactful role women can play in shaping the future of these industries.

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