Exploring Women’s Impact in Innovation A Conversation with Jane Lauder for Women’s History Month

In celebration of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC) is honoring the dynamic women who drive innovation within the beauty industry and beyond. Throughout March, ELC is showcasing the creativity, determination, and groundbreaking contributions of its diverse female workforce.

To kick off Women’s History Month, Jane Lauder, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Marketing & Chief Data Officer, shares her reflections on ELC’s theme, “Advancing Possibilities for Women: Celebrating Innovation in Beauty and Beyond.” She delves into the rich history of ELC, highlighting its founder Estée Lauder’s pioneering spirit that laid the groundwork for the company’s commitment to advancing possibilities for women.

Lauder emphasizes the significance of celebrating innovation, recognizing the pivotal role played by women in driving consumer-driven formulations, technology-enabled precision, and top-tier product quality at ELC. With nearly 80% of its workforce being women, the company acknowledges the long history of women finding creative solutions to challenges and persisting in their pursuits.

The commitment to gender equity is a focal point for ELC, with a strategic focus on Opportunity, Leadership, and Health and Education since 2021. Lauder expresses pride in the progress made and outlines the ongoing commitment to building upon ELC’s legacy of advancing women, particularly in STEM fields.

A key aspect discussed is the perception of beauty as a STEM field. Lauder challenges the conventional view and sheds light on the significant contributions of women in STEM to ELC’s innovation. She emphasizes the company’s commitment to inspiring the next generation of women in STEM, addressing gender gaps, and expanding access to STEM education.

The article concludes by exploring the intricate connection between creativity and STEM. Lauder highlights the collaboration between data-driven approaches and the creative heart of the company, underlining the importance of combining mathematical precision with imaginative flair. This integration enables ELC to deliver personalized, high-touch experiences that have defined the brand for over 75 years.

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