Estée Lauder Debuts Advanced Hair Tech at World Hair Research Congress

The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. (ELC) (NYSE: EL) has unveiled groundbreaking research at the 13th World Congress for Hair Research (WCHR) in Dallas, Texas, held from April 6-9, 2024. Collaborating with the University of Bradford, researchers from ELC’s renowned hair care brands, AVEDA and Bumble and bumble, shared their latest discoveries, marking significant strides in addressing evolving needs in personal and professional hair care.

The research encompasses four key areas: the identification of potent ingredients and their phytochemical compositions, the examination of how ingredients and environmental factors impact hair fibers, the exploration of methods to promote visibly healthier scalps, and the reduction of hair color damage to enable self-expression. These findings directly address contemporary challenges within the industry.

Dr. Alison Pawlus, AVEDA’s lead pharmacognosist, was recognized for her investigation into botanical ingredient selection aimed at promoting visibly healthy hair and scalp aging. Her work sheds light on AVEDA’s science-backed strategies in ingredient development and sustainability.

The team’s presentations at WCHR showcased their dedication to scientific innovation and leadership in the hair care industry:

  • Development of Botanical Solutions for Scalp Health and Healthy Hair Aging Presenter: Alison Pawlus, PhD
  • Assessing the Impact of Glycerin on Hair Fiber Properties Presenter: Anwar Zahar
  • Holistic Approach to Oxidative Stress for Scalp and Hair Follicle Health Presenter: Alison Pawlus, PhD
  • Cultured Dermal Papilla and Dermal Sheath Cells from Female Scalp Express Significantly Different Transcriptional and Proteomic Profiles with Age Presenter: Richard Baker
  • Amine Derivatives with Electron Donors as Hair Colorant Alkalizers in Reducing Hair Fiber Damage Presenter: Jeanna Zguris, PhD

ELC is committed to pioneering science with multidisciplinary expertise across various fields, including physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering. With 75 years of formulation authority, the company is deeply entrenched in the scientific community, regularly contributing to leading events and peer-reviewed journals.

Furthermore, ELC prioritizes advancing women in STEM, with all of its R&D and innovation laboratories worldwide being led by women. Additionally, more than half of ELC’s scientists, engineers, and technical professionals are women, demonstrating the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the scientific arena.

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