Estée Lauder Companies and Microsoft Deepen Collaboration to Elevate Prestige Beauty Using Generative AI

Estée Lauder Companies (ELC) and Microsoft Corporation have unveiled the establishment of an AI Innovation Lab, marking an expansion of their global partnership. Utilizing advanced generative AI capabilities within Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, the collaboration aims to develop solutions enhancing ELC’s portfolio of over 20 prestigious beauty brands. These initiatives focus on forging deeper connections with consumers and streamlining market responsiveness with local relevance. The joint endeavor reinforces both entities’ leadership roles in revolutionizing the beauty sector through generative AI.

This augmented strategic alliance will bolster the implementation of impactful generative AI applications across various segments of ELC’s operations, including:

  1. Swift adaptation to social trends and consumer demands: ELC and Microsoft have introduced an internal generative AI chatbot to enhance global marketing efficacy. Powered by advanced conversational AI, this tool efficiently navigates ELC’s extensive product and claim database, enabling brands to swiftly launch locally tailored campaigns.
  2. Accelerated and enhanced product innovation: Generative AI tools are being integrated into ELC’s Research & Development processes to expedite product development cycles. This enables scientists and product development experts to swiftly respond to emerging trends in products and ingredients.

Jane Lauder, EVP of Enterprise Marketing and Chief Data Officer at The Estée Lauder Companies, remarked, “Technology at ELC always complements our core strengths of premium products and personalized consumer experiences. Leveraging Microsoft’s generative AI tools and expertise, we harness ELC’s rich data to create more personalized consumer journeys, leading to faster market entry and heightened local relevance. We eagerly anticipate furthering our collaborative partnership with Microsoft.”

Shelley Bransten, Corporate Vice President of Global Industry Solutions at Microsoft, highlighted, “Generative AI holds immense potential for the beauty industry, offering opportunities for enhanced customer engagement, accelerated product deployment, efficient and sustainable new product development, and more. We are delighted to collaborate with The Estée Lauder Companies to not only provide an AI innovation platform but also to foster deep partnership in realizing these innovations.”

The AI Innovation Lab signifies a deepened strategic alliance between ELC and Microsoft, which commenced in 2017. As part of this enduring collaboration, ELC adopted Azure AI as the foundation for its Voice-Enabled Makeup Assistant (VMA) mobile app, launched in early 2023 to assist visually impaired users in makeup application. Initially available in the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland on iOS and Android platforms, the app will expand to additional markets and languages in the near future.

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