Enabling Women with Fair Access to Water A Path to Empowerment

Access to safe water is not just a matter of convenience; it’s a fundamental right that profoundly impacts women’s ability to fulfill their potential. Every year, nearly 1 million people succumb to water-related diseases, disproportionately affecting women and girls. The solution lies in increasing access to safe water and sanitation, a crucial step in addressing this global crisis.

In developing countries, women spend an astounding 200 million collective hours searching for safe water, translating to a staggering $260 billion in lost earning potential annually. Meeting basic needs like water and sanitation liberates women to pursue education and employment, drastically improving their quality of life and that of their families and communities.

Water.org, a nonprofit founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, champions market-driven financial solutions to tackle the water crisis. Their innovative approach, WaterCredit, merges microfinancing with water and sanitation, offering small loans and expert guidance to families in need. As loans are repaid, the funds are recycled, extending the impact to more families. With a remarkable 98% loan repayment rate, this model has catalyzed $5.2 billion in capital, benefiting over 63 million people globally.

This strategy fosters self-sufficiency and generates communal value, crucial in closing the staggering $85.6 billion annual financing gap for water. Partnering with Water.org, The VF Foundation is extending this transformative approach to Kenya, a country grappling with water scarcity and sanitation issues. By focusing efforts in key regions adjacent to VF’s manufacturing hubs, Water.org provides technical support, training, and monitoring, empowering individuals beyond mere loan distribution.

This initiative aligns with VF Corporation’s commitment to water stewardship within its supply chain through the Worker and Community Development program. By addressing water, health, and education needs, VF Corporation and The VF Foundation are collectively striving to improve lives in communities across Kenya.

The VF Foundation is honored to collaborate with Water.org in Nairobi, bringing clean water and sanitation to those in need. This partnership promises lasting impact, and we invite others to join us in supporting this vital endeavor.

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