Empowering Women Cintas’ Journey to Becoming the Preferred Employer for Female Talent

The distinctive character of Cintas today is shaped by a deliberate focus on cultivating a robust culture that fosters diversity and provides an environment where employee-partners can flourish. This commitment extends prominently to women, ensuring ample opportunities for their professional and personal growth within the organization.

These efforts have positioned Cintas as a premier employer for women, a recognition underscored by Newsweek naming it one of America’s Best Workplaces for Women in 2024. This esteemed acknowledgment reflects the company’s dedication to prioritizing and supporting women in the workplace, with input gathered from over 142,000 female employees nationwide through interviews on corporate culture, working conditions, and other relevant aspects.

Cintas underwent rigorous evaluation based on key metrics crucial to women in the workforce, including compensation, work-life balance, and proactive diversity management. The company’s success in earning this recognition not only signifies positive perceptions from employee-partners and peers but, more importantly, demonstrates tangible support experienced by women within the organization.

Karen Carnahan, a current member of Cintas’ Board of Directors and a former 35-year employee-partner, offers firsthand insight into the advancement of women within the company. Starting as an accountant in 1979, she ascended to Vice President and Treasurer, Vice President of Corporate Development, and ultimately served as President and COO of the company’s former Document Management business. Carnahan attributes her success to Cintas’ commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, showcasing the growth and support available to women.

Crucial to this support is the investment in women’s professional development, realized through mentorship programs, leadership training, and the Women Adding Value Everywhere (WAVE) initiative within the Partner Business Resources Group (PBRG).

WAVE, an acronym for Women Adding Value Everywhere, is dedicated to uplifting all women within Cintas through a sophisticated approach to networking, idea-sharing, and mentoring. By creating a supportive environment, WAVE aims to foster a workplace where more women can lead and engage.

This initiative employs various resources such as monthly development calls, LinkedIn, and quarterly and annual meetings. Events like Taste of Cintas showcase different divisions or departments, highlighting leaders and their accomplishments, while the annual meeting, Push Pull, facilitates networking and seminars by women partners sharing their experiences and skills development.

Through these initiatives, Cintas amplifies women’s voices, fostering positive change through collaboration and community. With influential recognitions, employee-partner perspectives, and dedicated programs for women, Cintas continues to demonstrate its commitment to creating an equitable workplace, not only retaining exceptional women partners but also propelling the business forward.

The collective strength derived from uniting women with diverse perspectives stands as a formidable force, propelling Cintas as a premier employer of choice for women.

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