Empower Your Startup Dreams Introducing the 18 Finalists for the 2024 LVMH Innovation Award

LVMH has revealed the 18 finalists for its 8th annual Innovation Award, to be showcased at the LVMH Pavilion during Viva Technology from May 22-25. This event, a pivotal meeting ground for startups and technology, epitomizes the enduring collaboration between LVMH and Viva Technology, established in 2016 to foster innovation-driven encounters between startups and major corporations.

At the core of LVMH’s success lie innovation and entrepreneurial ethos, values instilled since its inception. The lineup of finalists for this year underscores LVMH’s dedication to nurturing creativity, sustainability, and excellence, with a particular emphasis on data and generative AI, pivotal areas for the Group’s advancement. The competition attracted over 1,545 applicants from 89 nations, with 44% of the finalists led or co-led by women. The finalists are categorized into six groups:

  1. Omnichannel & Retail:
    • EQL: Revolutionizing e-commerce launches for in-demand products.
    • GK Concept: Offering tailor-made interactive in-store experiences.
    • Glanceable: Harnessing NLP for strategic customer review analysis.
  2. Image & Media for Brand Desirability:
    • Ircam Amplify: Innovating everyday sound experiences.
    • Raive: Pioneering multimedia generative AI with IP attribution.
    • Trajaan: Crafting search intelligence software for consumer insights.
  3. Immersive Digital Experiences:
    • BLNG: Transforming jewelry design with generative AI.
    • FancyTech: Redefining 3D modeling and video content production.
    • Xydrobe: Creating immersive luxury VR solutions.
  4. Employee Experience, Diversity & Inclusion:
    • Heralbony: Promoting diversity by empowering artists with disabilities.
    • OpenDecide: Enhancing team dynamics with science-based platforms.
    • Witty Works: Fostering inclusive corporate culture with language AI.
  5. Operations Excellence:
    • Authena: Safeguarding product authenticity through IoT.
    • Perception Manufacturing: Optimizing factory processes with AI-driven vision.
    • WizyVision: Empowering frontline workers with mobile applications.
  6. Sustainability & Greentech:
    • Aectual: Crafting circular 3D printed furniture and architectural finishes.
    • Jikantechno: Transforming agricultural waste into cosmetic biomaterials.
    • Synovance: Pioneering natural dyes and pigments for fashion.

Each category will crown a winner, with a special prize for the most innovative solution in data, AI, and generative AI. The LVMH Innovation Award 2024 Grand Prize, presented by Bernard Arnault, Chairman and CEO of LVMH, will go to one of the six category victors.

The finalists will also become part of the Maison des Startups LVMH, the Group’s business accelerator program, receiving mentoring and support alongside access to a network of luxury industry experts. This opportunity serves as a launchpad for potential collaborations with various LVMH Maisons.

The awards ceremony is slated for May 23 at VivaTech. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners!

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