Embracing Sports Heritage The Bode Rec. and Nike Collaboration

For over half a century, Nike has been synonymous with championing athletes and embracing the essence of sports – from the euphoria of victory to the profound sense of camaraderie fostered by shared dedication. In keeping with this ethos, the renowned company has embarked on a collaborative venture with kindred spirits, Bode, unveiling a distinctive line of apparel and footwear that pays homage to and propels forward the traditions of sports and recreation.

The design philosophy of Bode Rec. delves into the evolution of athletic attire and the character-building aspects intrinsic to American institutional sports and competition. With a goal to reshape our collective understanding of cultural heritage, the inaugural Bode Rec. line in collaboration with Nike epitomizes this intention, as highlighted by Emily Bode Aujla, the designer and founder of Bode. Aujla draws inspiration from her father’s deep-rooted affinity for team sports, the pride of being a student-athlete, and its profound impact on community, along with Nike’s unwavering commitment to innovation and its symbiotic relationship with athletes – reminiscent of the legendary partnership between Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight.

“In partnering with Nike for Bode Rec., my aspiration is to infuse a sense of playful spirit into athletic wear, while encouraging individuals to delve into their own familial legacies and reflect upon the core values inherent in both competitive and recreational sports, which are integral to our national identity,” expresses Aujla.

The Bode Rec. and Nike capsule collection boasts eight distinct apparel styles, encompassing track jackets, thermals, pinnies, dickies, jerseys, woven shorts, trousers, and a singular footwear style: the Nike Astrograbber, available in black and cream colorways.

Aujla’s fascination with transformative sports silhouettes, notably the Astrograbber, was piqued during a visit to the Department of Nike Archives. The Astrograbber, one of Nike’s pioneering turf shoes featuring an innovative waffle sole designed in response to the advent of synthetic turf, resonated deeply with Aujla. She saw it as an ideal candidate for the collaboration, representing a pivotal moment in both Nike’s history and American sports during the 1970s.

To complement the collection and its ethos, Aujla curated a collage-style campaign incorporating original contemporary photography and archive images, the latter in collaboration with Nike’s inaugural employee, Jeff Johnson.

In April and May, the partners will launch Bode Rec. and Nike Clubhouses in New York City, Paris, and Tokyo – dedicated spaces celebrating the fusion of sport and recreation, fostering connections and community around a shared passion. Further details can be found by following @bode on social media.

The Bode Rec. and Nike collection will be available on bode.com and in select Bode stores from April 18, followed by availability on SNKRS and in select Nike retailers from May 1.

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