Elevai Labs Secures Global License for Revolutionary Stem Cell Manufacturing Technology

Elevai Labs, Inc. (Nasdaq: ELAB), a prominent medical aesthetic company specializing in physician-dispensed skincare, is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in its pursuit of innovation. The company has successfully entered into an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with INmune Bio, Inc. (Nasdaq: INMB) for the utilization of their groundbreaking “EMx” technology. This proprietary manufacturing process, developed by INmune Bio’s CMO, Mark Lowdell, PhD, enables Elevai to produce high-quality, human umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (hucMSCs) under current Good Manufacturing Practice (“cGMP”) standards at a more cost-effective rate compared to outright purchases.

The licensing agreement empowers Elevai to incorporate manufactured hucMSCs into specific licensed topical cosmetic products within the medical aesthetics skincare market. By embracing the “EMx” technology, Elevai aims to achieve vertical manufacturing integration, enhance long-term production capabilities, and lower overall costs.

Elevai’s strategic move towards controlling its processes through efficient technologies like “EMx” is expected to result in greater stem cell consistency and purity. The company envisions that this approach will further solidify its position as an industry innovator in the medical aesthetics skincare market.

Key Highlights of the Licensing Agreement:

  1. Innovative Manufacturing: The “EMx” technology is a proprietary process designed for the efficient production of cGMP-grade hucMSCs. The exclusive license granted to Elevai allows for the development and commercialization of licensed topical cosmetic applications, positioning the company for long-term success.
  2. Global Rights: The agreement emphasizes the global impact and potential of this strategic partnership by granting Elevai worldwide rights for the use of the “EMx” technology.
  3. Ethical and Quality Standards: Elevai is committed to manufacturing all licensed topical cosmetic products in compliance with cGMP and adhering to ethical standards for the sourcing and screening of umbilical cords from healthy full-term newborns.
  4. Consideration: Elevai will make an initial deposit for the license in two installments over six months, and a final tech transfer fee within two years. Additionally, the company will pay a nominal royalty on the sale of licensed topical cosmetic products manufactured using the “EMx” technology.

Statement from the Company: Jordan R. Plews, PhD, CEO of Elevai Labs Inc., expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Partnering with INmune Bio Inc. aligns perfectly with our mission to pioneer innovative stem cell exosome products. Their understanding of efficient human stem cell isolation and large-scale manufacturing provides us with a remarkable opportunity to expand our manufacturing capabilities, broaden our product portfolio, and make a significant impact in the market.”

Elevai Labs is poised to revolutionize the medical aesthetics skincare market through this strategic collaboration, bringing cutting-edge technology to the forefront of its manufacturing processes and reinforcing its commitment to excellence and innovation.

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