Elevai Labs Launches E-commerce Portal for Rapid Growth in $19.7B Cosmeceutical Market

Elevai Labs, Inc. (NASDAQ: ELAB), a leading medical aesthetic company specializing in physician-dispensed skincare, is thrilled to announce the unveiling of its new online E-commerce portal. This portal serves as an extension of the company’s existing B2B relationships with physician dispensed providers, catering to customers in the $19.7 billion global industry.

With this platform, retail customers can now easily select a physician provider to initiate their personalized skincare journey and conveniently reorder products online. The launch of the E-commerce portal brings several benefits for Elevai:

  1. Physicians can offer Elevai’s professional-grade products directly to patients, who can then reorder through the portal, fostering economic benefits for both parties.
  2. Increased sales potential through streamlined ordering processes and online marketing strategies.
  3. Opportunity to attract new customers through social media integration, influencer campaigns, referral programs, and user reviews.
  4. Detailed data collection capabilities for understanding user trends, refining marketing strategies, and implementing geo-targeting.
  5. Alignment with the company’s long-term strategy to simplify distribution operations and reduce operating costs.

The portal will feature Elevai enfinity™, an at-home face serum utilizing the industry’s first age 0, umbilical cord-derived stem cell exosome created through the PRExTM process. Meanwhile, Elevai empower™, an in-office product utilizing the same exosome platform technology, will remain available exclusively through B2B channels.

Elevai is also in the final stages of developing additional skincare products for sale through its E-commerce store, with announcements expected later this year.

In anticipation of the skincare industry’s continued growth, Elevai has bolstered its sales and distribution infrastructure. The company recently reported impressive unaudited figures, including 113% year-over-year growth in Q4 sales and 75% year-over-year growth in new accounts.

Furthermore, Elevai’s established infrastructure enables swift and efficient product launches using the same exosome platform technology, sold through the E-commerce channel with minimal programming.

Dr. Jordan Plews, CEO, emphasized Elevai’s commitment to providing a medically-guided customer journey through authorized skincare professionals. He highlighted the company’s dedication to supporting sales and marketing initiatives while enhancing the overall customer experience.

The launch of the E-commerce portal marks a significant milestone for Elevai as it strives for future brand success and continued excellence in the skincare industry.

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