e.l.f. Cosmetics Unveils Debut Beauty App for Apple Vision Pro Multi-Sensory visionOS Experience by Obsess

e.l.f. Cosmetics (NYSE: ELF) has introduced one of the pioneering beauty shopping applications designed for Apple Vision Pro. This innovative spatial computer from Apple seamlessly blends digital content with the physical surroundings. The “your best e.l.f.” visionOS app, tailored for Apple Vision Pro, features groundbreaking elements that harness its three-dimensional (3D) user interface, controllable through intuitive hand and eye movements.

The app provides a spatial experience that encourages users to unwind and explore their best selves within playful and inspirational environments showcasing a range of 3D e.l.f. products. Apart from utilizing Apple Pay for shopping, users can engage in relaxing activities to enhance their well-being, such as guided meditations, stretching exercises, and an interactive “Paint by Numbers” game.

Developed in collaboration with Obsess, an immersive shopping platform and visionOS developer, the “your best e.l.f.” app is described by Ekta Chopra, Chief Digital Officer at e.l.f. Beauty, as a transformative beauty experience promoting relaxation, stress relief, and self-improvement. Chopra emphasizes that launching on Apple Vision Pro aligns with e.l.f.’s digital leadership and commitment to innovation.

The app invites users to explore three distinct environments – Camo Cove, Big Mood, and Halo Glow – each themed after a coveted e.l.f. product available for purchase within the app. These environments offer a unique way for users to engage with e.l.f., leveraging the capabilities of Apple Vision Pro. All in-app products and scenes have been meticulously modeled in 3D and rendered at a 4K display from each eye of the device.

Neha Singh, CEO and Founder of Obsess, highlights the app’s emphasis on creating emotional connections with consumers through immersive exploration and branded games. Singh sees the “your best e.l.f.” app as a space for the e.l.f. community to deepen its relationship with the brand, setting the stage for a new era of spatial shopping and immersive storytelling in the beauty industry.

To celebrate the launch, e.l.f. will conduct a sweepstakes, offering participants the chance to win the Apple Vision Pro. Details on how to enter can be found across e.l.f.’s social channels.

The “your best e.l.f.” app for Apple Vision Pro is available for free download exclusively from the new visionOS App Store, accessible via Apple Vision Pro. Additionally, e.l.f. has collaborated with Obsess to create a version of the “your best e.l.f.” experience for all Safari users, regardless of their device.

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