Dreamweaver Initiative by Nike Empowers Women Pursuing Marathon Dreams

Over the past two years, Nike’s Project Dreamweaver has been a driving force behind 120 women across the United States as they pursued their dreams of qualifying for the highly competitive Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials. The initiative provided crucial support from Nike’s renowned Nike Sport Research Lab scientists, connecting participants with women’s marathon legends and Olympians who offered valuable advice, mentorship, and companionship throughout their challenging journey.

Nike actively collaborated with the team of women, studying their biomechanical, physiological, psychosocial, and perceptual needs during the extensive 500,000-plus mile journey, spanning 70,000 runs over the two-year program. The insights gained from this comprehensive study will play a pivotal role in shaping Nike’s athlete-services model and influencing future innovations in Nike Running footwear and apparel, benefitting runners worldwide for years to come.

Remarkably, over half of the Project Dreamweaver participants achieved personal bests in both half- and full-marathon distances. Furthermore, 15 participants attained Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier times, earning their place alongside elite Nike athletes at the starting line of the 2024 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in Orlando, Florida, scheduled for Saturday, February 3.

Reflecting on Nike’s commitment to athletes, the initiative was a response to the challenges posed by the lowered Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier time (OTQ) for 2024, making the journey to the Trials even more demanding for everyday marathoners balancing full-time jobs and family responsibilities.

Project Dreamweaver provided holistic support, encompassing coaching, nutrition, sport psychology, physiology guidance, and more, mirroring Nike’s unparalleled backing of its elite athlete roster. The collaboration between Nike’s world-class NSRL scientists and participants aimed at achieving the shared goal of chasing the OTQ dream. This partnership extended to include insights and mentorship from women’s marathon legends and Olympians such as Joan Benoit Samuelson, Shalane Flanagan, and Keira D’Amato.

Gabi Rooker, a Project Dreamweaver athlete turned Nike professional, emphasized the collective spirit of the initiative, stating, “I won’t be running on my own at the Trials. I’ll be running with the entire Nike Dreamweaver Project beside me.”

As part of the program, athletes also played a pivotal role in testing the new Nike Alphafly 3, contributing to its development by providing feedback on various aspects such as arch support, toe protection, and the overall comfort of the shoe. This collaborative effort aimed to make the Alphafly 3 a preferred race-day shoe for all female marathoners.

In summary, Nike’s Project Dreamweaver exemplifies the powerful synergy between athletes and the brand, breaking barriers and transforming dreams into reality. The initiative not only propelled individuals to achieve personal bests but also produced 15 qualifiers for the 2024 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, showcasing the transformative impact of chasing a dream with the support of a dedicated community and world-class resources.

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