Dr. Wittke Joins Ecovative as Forager President for Fashion Innovation

Ecovative, a frontrunner in mycelium-based materials, is thrilled to introduce Dr. Cornelia (Conny) Wittke as the new President of its Forager™ division. Dr. Wittke brings a wealth of experience in product innovation and business leadership, poised to steer Forager into a new phase of growth.

Having previously advised Ecovative on strategic matters, Dr. Wittke’s background includes notable achievements at Tweezerman International, where she drove sales growth and international expansion. Her success in positioning companies like the Zwilling Beauty Group and Tweezerman International as global leaders in beauty tools, coupled with her entrepreneurial ventures, underscores her ability to blend visionary leadership with practical execution.

Eben Bayer, CEO and Cofounder of Ecovative, expressed enthusiasm for Dr. Wittke’s appointment, highlighting her ability to bridge commercialization in large corporations with an entrepreneurial mindset. He emphasized how her appointment underscores Ecovative’s strengths in innovation and customer satisfaction.

Dr. Wittke’s extensive experience in both corporate and startup environments makes her an ideal leader for Ecovative’s Forager division. “I am committed to steering the company towards new heights in performance and market reach for Forager Hides and Foams,” she stated, highlighting the company’s unique position in mycelium material science.

Ecovative’s journey in pioneering mycelium materials for fashion began over a decade ago, marked by strategic partnerships aimed at revolutionizing material science. The establishment of the Mycelium Foundry in 2019 signified a major leap towards rapid innovation, with the launch of Forager hides and foams in 2022, fueled by significant investment, addressing sustainability challenges in the fashion industry.

With over 15 years of experience and a robust network of partner growers, Ecovative is poised to lead the future of mycelium material science. Dr. Wittke’s vision aligns perfectly with Ecovative’s mission, promising a future of innovation and reliability in producing sustainable materials while minimizing environmental impact.

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