Diving Deep into Diversity & Inclusion the ‘It’s Everyone’s Business’ Series Unveils Insights at LVMH

LVMH introduces a captivating series, “It’s Everyone’s Business,” featuring poignant portraits that encapsulate the Group’s commitment to a corporate culture inherently diverse and intentionally inclusive. This compelling collection of firsthand accounts sheds light on how LVMH fosters the professional and personal development of its employees, transcending backgrounds and differences – truly making it everyone’s business.

With a workforce spanning over 190 nationalities and representing four generations across 80 countries, LVMH inherently embodies multiculturalism. The Group perceives this rich diversity and intermingling of perspectives as a wellspring of creativity and performance.

Through the lens of diversity, inclusion, and equity, each episode shares a deeply personal experience, showcasing the expertise and global engagement cultivated through LVMH employment. These impactful narratives resonate profoundly with all members of the LVMH community.

Episode 9, featuring LVMH Group Operations Director Mohamed Marfouk, delves into the notion that “diversity is a fact – we are all different, and inclusion is a voluntary act.” Marfouk recounts his journey from childhood in Morocco, emphasizing the value of embracing cultural and physical differences as assets for business success. He underscores the significance of assembling teams with diverse backgrounds and sensibilities, particularly within the context of a conglomerate like LVMH.

In Episode 8, Sarah Curtis Henry, Chief Commercial Officer for North America at Parfums Christian Dior, reflects on her unique perspective as an African-American woman. Acknowledging societal divisions, she shares how her position empowers her to effect change and address an increasingly diverse consumer base.

Episode 7 features Danni Yang, a Retail Management Trainee at Louis Vuitton, who explores the Group’s reverse mentoring program and its role in fostering greater equity. Danni, with her Chinese cultural background, highlights how the sense of diversity at LVMH encourages self-expression beyond the confines of her origins and culture, emphasizing the importance of creating connections between people.

The “It’s Everyone’s Business” series unfolds as a mosaic of stories, illuminating the transformative power of diversity and inclusion within LVMH and emphasizing that, indeed, it is everyone’s business.

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