Dappz Sports Partners with Hostage Tape to Bring Brands into Live Shopping

Dappz Sports, a renowned cross-platform sports and entertainment media powerhouse in the trading card and signed memorabilia hobby, is thrilled to unveil its latest sponsorship collaboration with Hostage Tape, the premier mouth tape for enhancing nasal breathing during sleep. This groundbreaking partnership marks a significant milestone as Hostage Tape takes center stage in Dappz Sports’ 24-hour streaming experience, seamlessly integrating through product placements and ads presented by the stream’s hosts. Moreover, customers of Dappz Sports will receive complimentary samples of Hostage Tape with their purchases, amplifying the brand’s exposure and utility.

Founder of Dappz Sports, Matt “Dappz” McGuckin, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We’re incredibly excited to welcome Hostage Tape as our inaugural sponsor for the stream. This innovative approach to product placement and advertising sets a new standard in the live shopping landscape, and we’re proud to pioneer this next chapter alongside such a reputable brand. Traditional media channels like TV and radio are dwindling as consumers migrate to smartphone-centric platforms like TikTok. This shift presents a wealth of untapped opportunities for brands to engage with their audience in novel ways. With our extensive viewership of 30 million, we’re demonstrating that live-shopping streams offer unparalleled exposure for brands seeking maximum impact.”

Hostage Tape emerges as the flagship sponsor for Dappz Sports’ 24-hour live stream, following its recent partnership with the UFC. These collaborations are integral components of a broader strategy to elevate the esteemed mouth tape brand to a broader audience. As an avid UFC enthusiast and collector of rare edition fighter sports cards, Dappz recognizes this alliance as a testament to the burgeoning potential of the live shopping market.

“Being selected by Hostage Tape for this partnership, alongside their affiliation with the UFC, underscores the immense promise of live shopping. We’re at the forefront of this burgeoning movement, and this endorsement signifies the shifting landscape of advertising expenditure. The future lies in platforms like TikTok and live shopping streams, where brands can captivate vast audiences,” remarked Dappz.

In addition to Hostage Tape, Dappz Sports has secured partnerships with Fathead and Straight Music Group to sponsor other online streams hosted by the company, further solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the convergence of sports, entertainment, and e-commerce.

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