Columbia Sportswear’s Omni-Heat Infinity Plays Key Role in Landmark U.S. Lunar Exploration

In a groundbreaking move aimed at advancing technology, material innovation, and establishing a sustainable human presence on the Moon, Columbia Sportswear, a global leader in outdoor, active, and lifestyle products, has joined forces with Intuitive Machines, a pioneering space exploration company, in a unique partnership. The collaboration will see the application of heat insulation technology from outdoor apparel, specifically Columbia’s proprietary Omni-Heat™ Infinity, on a lunar lander. This marks a historic venture, as the innovative fabric is set to journey to space aboard Intuitive Machines’ Nova-C lunar lander.

Through laboratory simulations leading up to the imminent launch, researchers at Intuitive Machines determined that the gold metallic foil of Columbia’s Omni-Heat Infinity fabric will play a crucial role in insulating the lunar lander against the extreme temperatures of space, ranging from -250° to 250° Fahrenheit.

Building on a multi-year scientific partnership established in 2021, Columbia views this collaboration as an opportunity to put its cutting-edge technology to the ultimate test in the challenging environment of outer space. Dr. Haskell Beckham, Vice President of Innovation at Columbia Sportswear, emphasized the importance of pushing technological boundaries to create products that can withstand extreme conditions, paving the way for new outdoor experiences on Earth.

Selected by NASA for the delivery of scientific payloads to the Moon’s surface, Intuitive Machines aims to achieve the United States’ first lunar landing in 50 years with the upcoming IM-1 lunar mission. The launch is targeted for a multi-day window opening no earlier than February 14, 2024, and will be live-streamed on NASA TV and Intuitive Machines’ website.

Joe Boyle, Brand President of Columbia Sportswear, expressed the brand’s commitment to testing and developing technologies in challenging environments, anticipating that the partnership with Intuitive Machines will drive further innovation for the industry.

The IM-1 mission is the first of three lunar landings planned by Intuitive Machines as part of NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) initiative, contributing to NASA’s Artemis lunar exploration efforts. The payloads delivered to the Moon’s surface under CLPS will establish the groundwork for sustainable human presence and commercial development on the lunar surface.

Steve Altemus, President and CEO of Intuitive Machines, highlighted the importance of innovation in shaping the lunar economy, stating that integrating Columbia’s Omni-Heat Infinity technology into the IM-1 lunar mission is a significant step toward near-term Earth solutions and the future of commercial space exploration, ultimately advancing humanity’s access to the Moon.

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