Collaborative Efforts between Kao and Earth Advance Mosquito Control in Thailand

Kao Corporation and Earth Corporation have joined forces to combat mosquito-borne infectious diseases, aiming to address the escalating issue. Utilizing Kao’s innovative technology, which immobilizes mosquitoes by wetting their wings and bodies without conventional insecticidal components, the collaborative effort has resulted in the creation of ARS Mos Shooter—a versatile spray designed to eliminate mosquitoes in everyday settings. Scheduled for launch in Thailand from July 2024, this initiative aligns with Earth’s four-decade presence in the country.

Dengue fever, a viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes, poses a significant threat, particularly to children, with severe cases leading to fatalities. With no current vaccine or treatment available, avoiding mosquito bites and curbing outbreaks becomes crucial, especially in regions like Southeast Asia, where it imposes a substantial economic burden.

The surge in dengue fever cases in 2023, marking a global record, can be attributed to factors such as global warming and rapid urbanization, expanding the habitat of virus-carrying mosquitoes. In response, Kao has pioneered a groundbreaking approach, developing a technology that incapacitates mosquitoes without relying on conventional insecticidal chemicals, offering potential applications across various domains.

Established in 1980, Earth Corporation set up Earth (Thailand) Co., Ltd., evolving as a local subsidiary managing the development, sales, and distribution of insect control products like the ARS brand. Engaging in collaborative efforts with local educational organizations, Earth (Thailand) tailors instructional programs to address the country’s living habits and needs.

Sharing a common objective of combating mosquito-borne diseases, Kao and Earth envision their collaborative spray as a transformative solution, providing relief to regions grappling with the challenges posed by dengue fever.

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