Cintas to Revitalize City of Mason Headquarters

Cintas, a prominent Fortune 500 company in the Cincinnati region, has declared a substantial investment in revitalizing its 43-acre Mason corporate campus. This strategic move aims to sustain the company’s growth trajectory and foster the development of its workforce. The initiative underscores Cintas’ commitment to the community, focusing on cultivating and retaining senior-level talent while nurturing the leaders of tomorrow within the headquarters.

The investment signifies Cintas’ dedication to establishing a new benchmark in office design that promotes flexibility, creativity, technical integration, employee well-being, collaboration, and inclusivity. CEO Todd Schneider emphasized the significance of aligning the physical work environment with the company’s culture and values to inspire and empower its employee-partners.

President and CEO of JobsOhio, J.P. Nauseef, commended Cintas as a cutting-edge global leader, showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation through the creation of a remarkable workplace. In collaboration with Mason’s incentives, Cintas envisions developing a talent hub at the corporate headquarters, resulting in the addition of 125 new jobs over the next five years.

Mason City Manager Eric Hansen expressed enthusiasm for securing the investment, emphasizing Cintas’ status as an iconic part of the local community. The transformed campus, still in the initial design phase, is expected to feature elements such as indoor spaces with abundant natural light, outdoor work areas with shaded seating and Wi-Fi-equipped work pods, and innovation hubs strategically placed to inspire creativity.

Jim Rozakis, Executive Vice President & COO of Cintas, highlighted the role of culture in every decision, stating that the investment in a re-imagined workplace reflects a commitment to common beliefs, values, and ethics. The collaboration with Mason, REDI Cincinnati, and JobsOhio, as mentioned by Rozakis, lays the foundation for continued growth.

The anticipated transformation aligns with forward-thinking elements such as natural light, outdoor workspaces, and innovation hubs. Kimm Lauterbach, President and CEO of REDI Cincinnati, praised the announcement as a testament to the region’s support for Cintas’ growth over the past 95 years. The partnership with JobsOhio and the City of Mason exemplifies a shared commitment to success.

Michele Blair, Director of Mason Economic Development, expressed excitement about the project showcasing future work environments. JobsOhio plans to provide assistance, with details to be disclosed after the final agreement is executed. The collaborative efforts reflect a shared vision for an innovative and purpose-driven workplace, attracting individuals and companies passionate about meaningful work, innovation, and collaboration.

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