Chief Merchant at Stitch Fix Discusses How the Style Forecast Epitomizes the Brand Commitment

The Stitch Fix Style Forecast has evolved beyond a mere marketing tactic to generate anticipation and consumer excitement leading up to New Year’s Eve. It now plays a central role in how Stitch Fix engages with its customers across various channels.

Loretta Choy, Chief Merchandising and Client Services Officer at Stitch Fix, emphasized during a recent Retail Remix interview that the Style Forecast represents the fusion of art and science in their approach. Drawing insights from billions of data points collected through customer experiences and interactions with millions of clients, the Style Forecast methodology incorporates various metrics, including sales data, client feedback scores, item retention rates in a ‘Fix,’ client profile data, search data, Fix request notes, and more.

Stitch Fix’s insights team conducts surveys of 2,000 U.S.-based clients and over 300 U.S.-based stylists, providing quantitative insights that form the foundation of the Style Forecast. However, the accuracy and relevance of the forecast are enhanced by the unique knowledge and expertise of stylists, trend experts, and merchandising teams.

Choy explained that the process involves integrating external and internal perspectives, aiming to understand current client influences and anticipate trends that may extend into the future. Client feedback, often forward-looking about emerging trends, significantly contributes to the data compilation.

Despite Stitch Fix’s ongoing transformation plan and recent changes to styling positions, the core value proposition remains consistent: utilizing robust data and insights to empower customers to express themselves through fashion. Choy highlighted the synergy between human expertise and advanced data science, emphasizing the art and science behind their approach.

While Stitch Fix adapts to changes in the industry, the focus on bringing joy to dressing remains paramount. The merchandising team leverages knowledge of fashion trends and designers, ensuring a perfect blend of surprise and delight in customer experiences. The Style Forecast acknowledges the reality of decision fatigue, with over half of Stitch Fix clients expressing mental overwhelm and stress in deciding what to wear.

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