Championing Inclusive Education LVMH and its Maisons’ Ongoing Commitment to Promote Equality on International Day of Education

On the occasion of International Education Day, as designated by the United Nations, the LVMH Group proudly underscores its commitment to education as an integral part of the Group’s social responsibility initiatives, emphasizing the crucial role of transmission in its culture and success.

Recognizing the transformative power of education and training in guiding individuals towards self-discovery and development, LVMH is dedicated to sharing this conviction with the younger generation. Since 2021, the Group has operated, a digital education platform focused on the luxury sector. Accessible to all, regardless of background or training, the platform has provided over 260,000 people worldwide with continuous access to more than 100 educational resources. These resources aim to enhance understanding of the luxury industry, its challenges, various professions offered by the Group, and provide advice for envisioning professional pathways.

Additionally, the Group extends its educational outreach through two annual sessions of the INSIDE LVMH Certificate. This 30-hour personalized training program, featuring exclusive learning modules and case studies, has garnered international success with over 192,000 registrations and 78,000 certifications. The program offers a comprehensive acculturation to the luxury realm, guided by experts and renowned professors from partner schools.

LVMH’s commitment to knowledge transmission is further evident in the Institut des Métiers d’Excellence, a training program that imparts the Group’s savoir-faire in various craft, creative, and client experience professions to younger generations. Since its establishment in 2014, over 2,700 apprentices have joined the ME Institute in collaboration with 33 distinguished schools and universities across France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Japan, Germany, and the United States.

In 2023, the Group continued its dedication to equal opportunity, particularly in underprivileged areas like Seine-Saint-Denis, partnering with cities such as Clichy-sous-Bois and Montfermeil to facilitate employment and social inclusion for the youth. This initiative encompasses various activities, including internships, Maison visits, employment assistance, and the Show ME event organized by les Métiers d’Excellence.

In North America, LVMH conducts regular speed mentoring activities, engaging over 300 high school students from the New York area in 2023 to discuss interview basics and career management with Group and Maisons employees.

Promoting equal access to higher education, LVMH collaborates with Sciences Po Paris, funding scholarships and encouraging Group managers to mentor recent graduates of the priority education program.

Education-focused initiatives also thrive within LVMH’s Maisons. Maison Dior’s Women@Dior program, launched in 2017, is an education and mentoring initiative dedicated to young female students entering the professional world. With the support of mentors, access to exclusive courses, and the “Dream for Change” program, Women@Dior has empowered 2,000 young women from over 60 countries, promoting access to education and creating a positive social impact.

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