BuDhaGirl Broadens Lifestyle Collection Introducing BUDHAGIRL Sparkling Wines – A Fresh Range of California Bubblies

BuDhaGirl, renowned for the widely embraced All Weather Bangles®, has unveiled a captivating extension into the world of wines with the introduction of BUDHAGIRL Sparkling Wines. This newly launched wine collection features premium California Brut, Demi-Sec, and Sparkling Rosé varieties, all of which can be conveniently acquired through and select retailers.

Established in 2013, the BuDhaGirl brand has been built on the principle that routine moments can be transformed into meaningful rituals. This ethos is now seamlessly woven into the fabric of BUDHAGIRL Sparkling Wines, elevating the art of celebration. The brand encourages individuals to pause, be present, and express gratitude, creating a ritual of celebration that fosters a sense of connection and belonging—to oneself, to loved ones, and to one’s intentions.

Founder and CEO of BuDhaGirl, Jessica Jesse, emphasized the significance of meaningful rituals in the brand’s DNA. “Rituals are simply small, contemplative ceremonies that help us be both present and intentional in our attitudes and actions each day,” she explained. BUDHAGIRL Sparkling Wines represent the brand’s commitment to sharing the beauty and purpose of ritual, extending BuDhaGirl’s values into the realm of celebration through the medium of sparkling wine.

Crafted thoughtfully in Healdsburg by the esteemed California Sparkling Wine producer Rack & Riddle, BUDHAGIRL Sparkling Wines employ the methode champenoise, resulting in refined yet lively bubbles. The Sparkling Brut and Brut Rosé blends encompass Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, while the Sparkling Demi-Sec is predominantly Chardonnay with a hint of Pinot Blanc. These award-winning wines engage all the senses—from the initial effervescent “pop” to the enticing aroma, rich flavor, and tantalizing sensation they deliver. Housed in bold, feminine bottles adorned with a gold dragon, BUDHAGIRL Sparkling Wine mirrors the essence of every BuDhaGirl—strong, contemplative, joyful, and present.

This foray into sparkling wines marks the realization of BuDhaGirl’s vision of Mindful Glamour®, with plans to extend this philosophy across diverse products and experiences in new categories in the years ahead. Beyond the allure of wine, the brand remains dedicated to spreading its unique blend of mindfulness and glamour.

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