Braun Unveils First-Ever Smart IPL System for Lasting Smooth Skin

From its IPL hub at the state-of-the-art innovation facility in Kronberg, Germany, Braun, the trailblazing German electronics brand, proudly unveils the Braun Skin i·expert. This groundbreaking IPL system stands as the only fully connected device that not only learns and adapts but also delivers personalized feedback in real time.

The revolutionary Braun Skin i·expert is your fastest route to 1 year of smooth skin*, all from the convenience of your own home.

This intelligent system automatically adjusts energy levels based on your skin tone, offering active real-time personalized treatment guidance for each body area. Braun empowers you to take control, ensuring a more comfortable hair removal experience with the new Braun Skin i·expert.

Within Braun’s portfolio, all IPL devices are meticulously designed for fast, safe, and nearly painless hair removal. Rigorous R&D tests and scientific research underpin these devices, ensuring they deliver the desired and necessary results.

Independently assessed by dermatologists and certified by the Skin Health Alliance’s stringent safety standards, Braun IPL devices provide a trustworthy solution for hair removal.

Featuring Smart Coverage Feedback and Smart Head Recognition, the Braun Skin i·expert guides you in real-time to maximize results, preventing any missed treatment areas. It stands alone with automatic flash power adaptation to your unique skin tones and a Skin Check to achieve optimal results, all while prioritizing safety. Personalized tips following each session contribute to an enhanced experience.

Forget about missing appointments with the built-in Personal Progress Tracker and Smart Calendar. These features automatically adapt the sessions schedule, showing you how many treatments are left. Take charge of your hair removal journey effortlessly and at a fraction of the cost of salon visits.

Braun’s new IPL smart device represents a transformative step in your hair removal routine, granting you the power to achieve long-lasting smooth skin safely and easily from the comfort of your home.

Ahmed Aboulenein, Global Vice President at Braun, affirms, “At Braun’s Kronberg Innovation Center, our team is dedicated to designing durable and user-centered innovations utilizing cutting-edge technologies. Our goal is to address consumers’ grooming challenges effectively. Braun has identified the need for solutions that enable users to achieve safe and long-lasting smooth skin at home, leading to our latest breakthrough IPL innovation. The Braun Skin i-expert stands out with its seamless integration of smart technology, connecting the IPL device with a dedicated mobile app. This comprehensive system learns and adapts to the user’s specific skin and hair needs, providing real-time personalized feedback for both experienced IPL users and beginners.”

Dr. Christine Dierickx, MD, a renowned cosmetic dermatologist and Director of Skinperium Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic in Luxembourg, praises the Braun Skin i·expert, stating, “Hair removal is a top reason why patients visit a dermatologist. Many consumers opt for salons, believing at-home devices are complicated and do not deliver desired results. The Braun Skin i·expert is a unique device developed after years of research. Its intuitive smart system simplifies hair removal, learning with each use to offer a personalized experience. The automatic flash power adapts to unique skin tones, ensuring the best results with full safety. The new Braun Skin i·expert is poised to revolutionize at-home hair removal.

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