Billie Jean King Advocates for Inclusivity: e.l.f. Beauty Reimagines the Board Game with Facts

Renowned tennis icon and equality advocate, Billie Jean King, alongside e.l.f. Beauty (NYSE: ELF), is spearheading a call to action for U.S. business leaders and society as a whole to revolutionize corporate boardrooms with greater representation of women and diverse candidates. King, who has championed gender equality and inclusivity throughout her 70-year career, emphasizes the need for swift change, particularly from those in positions of influence.

Teaming up once again with e.l.f., King commemorates significant milestones like the “Battle of the Sexes” and equal prize money at the U.S. Open. In a bold new campaign under e.l.f.’s broader “Board Game” initiative, King takes to the metaphorical court, using her racket to launch fact-filled tennis balls during a board meeting. These facts highlight stark realities, such as the mere 27% representation of women on U.S. corporate boards and the overwhelming 88% white composition of average corporate boards.

Partnering with OBERLAND, e.l.f. Beauty employs humorous yet impactful advertising to shed light on the disparity within America’s top companies. Notably, e.l.f. Beauty stands as one of the rare publicly traded U.S. companies with a board consisting of two-thirds women and one-third diverse representation, out of 4,200 companies.

Kory Marchisotto, Chief Marketing Officer at e.l.f. Beauty, underscores the importance of diversity within the company’s leadership, citing it as a driving force behind their impressive business growth. Marchisotto invites industry peers to join in diversifying the upper echelons of power, advocating for positive change in the corporate landscape.

The campaign also spotlights e.l.f.’s collaboration with the National Association of Corporate Boards (NACD) to launch a groundbreaking board accelerator program. This program aims to train and elevate 20 women and/or diverse board-ready candidates, paving the way for increased representation at the board level.

Aligned with the campaign’s theme, “Serving Facts,” e.l.f. presents an informative animated video, shedding light on the persisting inequality within corporate boards. Lisa Topol, Executive Creative Director at OBERLAND, praises Billie Jean King’s unwavering commitment to equality and her readiness to confront disparities head-on, even in the boardroom.

As the initiative continues, both Billie Jean King and e.l.f. Beauty remain steadfast in their mission to effect real change, refusing to rest until equality and diversity prevail.

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