BeautyHealth 2023 Skintuition Report The Skin Health Trends and Data Shaping the Time

The Beauty Health Company( NASDAQ SKIN), home to flagship brand Hydrafacial, moment revealed its initial Skintuition Report, a compendium of perceptivity, trends and prognostications grounded on clinical studies, data and performance from the Company’s pioneering brands, and input of its global network of professional skin health providers.

This collaborative intelligence and personal data put BeautyHealth in a unique position to reflect on the trends that shaped 2023 and those that it believes will crop in 2024.

“ We’re thrilled to unveil our first- ever Skintuition Report and partake perceptivity tagged from our connected platform and global community of skin health providers. This time’s data reveals an appetite for antique constituents with new delivery styles and a growing interest in body — especially booty — skincare treatments, ” says BeautyHealth Chief Marketing and Dispatches Officer Amy Juaristi. “ What’s more, consumers continue to show they’re committed to investing to achieve indefectible skin, frequently combining Hydrafacial with other aesthetic treatments — a trend we see as the ultimate quiet luxury power play. ”

The Skintuition Report shows that Peptides, Retinol and Vitamin C were the tried- and-true constituents favored by providers in 2023 when it came to opting boosters to epitomize every Hydrafacial treatment to address guests ’ skincare needs. And, Hydrafacial treatments moved beyond the face with back and booty treatments adding 133 compared to last time.

In addition to consumer and provider geste
data, the 2023 BeautyHealth Skintuition Report canons long- standing and more recent peer- reviewed clinical studies, which dissect the efficacity of the Hydrafacial treatment. Among the findings, study investigators set up Hydrafacial treatments

significantly ameliorate hydration, severance size, hyperpigmentation, dullness, fine lines, and texture 1,2
work at deeper situations in the skin to help cake, plumpen and cover the skin from free revolutionaries and pollution 1,2
significantly ameliorate acne in the maturity of subjects3
“ Hydrafacial has decades of proven efficacity, shown in our roster of clinical studies and in the everyday use by clinicians worldwide for glowing results, ” says BeautyHealth Medical Affairs Leader Juan Valesquez,Ph.D. “ These findings further validate what numerous Hydrafacial providers have known all along aesthetic treatments can come and go, but Hydrafacial is then to stay. ”

As for 2024 prognostications, the Skintuition Report lays out five themes poised to dominate the skin health discussion

  1. Medicalization of Beauty Consumers seeking the biggest bang for their beauty bone
    and efficacity over all will invest in proven treatments, backed by clinical studies.
  2. Rise of the New Influencer Consumers will decreasingly turn to skin health professionals MDs and estheticians to help shape their beauty routines.
  3. indefectible Skin, The Ultimate Quiet Luxury Impeccable skin will be a subtle statement — or a veritably loud bone
    for those in the know — motioning an investment of plutocrat, time and knowledge in treatments, tweakments and products.
  4. Antique constituents, New Delivery styles Providers are reaching for tried- and-true constituents like peptides,
    chancing novelty and efficacity in new formulas or with device- supported operations.
  5. Personalization Powered by Data Data will play a starring part in how products and treatments will be enhanced and substantiated to consumers ’ needs.
    Data perceptivity in the Skintuition Report are generated from BeautyHealth deals data, Hydrafacial Syndeo device data, published clinical studies, provider witnesses, and third- party dimension tools. Download the full 2023 BeautyHealth Skintuition Report then.
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