At the LIFE 360 Summit, LVMH announces the first results of its environmental strategy and sets its sights on reducing its compass 3 by publicizing a new action program LIFE 360 Business mates

LVMH has been committed to guarding the terrain, driven by a long- term vision and a holistic and scientific approach across all its business sectors. In 2021, the Group launched the LIFE 360 plan, which included objects to be achieved by 2023, 2026 and 2030 and concentrated on four pillars Creative circularity, Biodiversity, Climate, and Traceability & translucency. The LIFE 360 Summit presented the major achievements of the Group and its Maisons while furnishing specific perceptivity into unborn intentions.

Creative circularity LVMH has achieved its 2023 target of offering new indirect services by establishing a form- and- care task force in several of the Group’s Maisons. For illustration, Louis Vuitton repairs 600,000 products per time, while 79 of Berluti’s leather products are fixable. RIMOWA offers a continuance guarantee for its luggage and bags, and Le Bon Marché is extending the life of its products through an differences service, as well as watch and shoe form services.
With the creation of LVMH Circularity, an ecosystem that brings together the exercise and recovering moxie of the Group and its mates( Nona Source, the CEDRE platform, weturn, and Agence Don en Nature), LVMH is demonstrating its commitment to giving a alternate life to fabric and leather offcuts, unused raw accoutrements and unsold products.

Biodiversity After having helped regenerate1.37 million hectares by the end of 2022, LVMH is continuing its sweats to reach its target of regenerating five million hectares by the end of 2030. This ambition will be made possible
by launching colorful regenerative husbandry programs in Türkiye for cotton, Australia for merino hair, South Africa for mohair, Indonesia for win oil painting and France for Moët Hennessy stations and certain crucial incense constituents,
by publicizing a strategic cooperation with Brazilian NGO FAS, which combats deforestation and by working to renew its cooperation with UNESCO’s “ Man and the Biosphere ” program for the protection of biosphere reserves. These two hookups round the hookups formerly secured with Reforest’Action, which carries out reforestation systems, and the indirect Biodiversity Alliance, which produces sustainable cotton. In durability of these enterprise, the Group has enforced a water effectiveness plan to reduce the Group’s overall water consumption footmark by 30 by 2030.

Climate Thanks to a reduction of 11 in its GHG( hothouse gas) emigrations reaches 1 and 2( direct emigrations) in absolute terms and 15 in its compass 3( circular emigrations) per unit of added value between 2019 and 2022, LVMH has severed its growth from that of its CO2 emigrations over the same period. This achievement was made possible by fastening oneco-design of products, a comprehensive energy effectiveness plan, and a specific program devoted to transport. The blazoned target of reducing energy consumption by 10 over the once time( October 2022 to October 2023) has also been surpassed.

Traceability & translucency The 2023 target of knowing the countries of origin of strategic raw accoutrements is on track to being achieved, with the country of origin for diamonds, hair and leather known for 95- 100 of products. The Group is also planting new traceability tools from field to final product, similar as the scents & Cosmetics and Wines & Spirits divisions. The Group, which had set itself the target of “ complete traceability ” by 2026, is on track to achieve it. The instrument rates for LVMH’s main force chains have increased significantly over the once two times.
Given these results, LVMH has reasonable confidence in meeting the 2026 and 2030 targets outlined in its LIFE 360 plan, with the likely exception of its 2026 target of zero virgin reactionary- grounded plastics, which has urged a underpinning of the action plan starting this time.

“ We explosively believe that environmental performance is a source of invention, creativity and excellence, and that it must thus be considered in all design and manufacturing processes. For further than 30 times, LVMH has continually anticipated changes, conforming its product processes, work habits and actions to find better results to the numerous environmental challenges we face. We’re more married than ever to taking action, as meeting our 2023 targets is just the launch. Achieving our targets for 2026 and 2030 will bear further hard work, ” said Antoine Arnault, Image & Environment, LVMH.

LIFE 360 Business mates

Despite profitable and geopolitical query that could else prompt a pause of environmental commitments, LVMH plans to pursue and indeed accelerate its intentions. It’s set to increase its compass 3 emigrations targets by establishing a devoted action for its suppliers and mates, whose buy- in is vital. LVMH is committed to supporting its suppliers and mates with its LIFE 360 Business mates plan, blazoned at the peak. The new plan will come the Group’s new guiding compass for supporting its suppliers, particularly in the areas of raw accoutrements and transport, and helping them to reduce not only their compass 3 emigrations, which regard for 95 of the Group’s carbon footmark, but also their impact on water and biodiversity.

Several of the Group’s Maisons have enforced transition plans for their suppliers. With the new LIFE 360 Business mates program, one action can be extended across the total of LVMH, with the end of making all suppliers genuine mates in this transition. Starting in 2024, LVMH will organize Sustainability Business mates Days, a forum where it can hear to suppliers ’ needs and prospects regarding environmental intentions.

The Group will also partake its knowledge and environmental training programs, as well as its nonsupervisory monitoring, and will promote the exchange of results and moxie through a devoted platform planned for the alternate half of 2024.

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