Apyx Medical Corporation Presents Fresh Insights and Data on Renuvion® Treatment at Users’ Summit

Apyx® Medical Corporation (NASDAQ:APYX), the developer of innovative helium plasma and radiofrequency technology branded as Renuvion®, is thrilled to announce the commencement of the Renuvion Users’ Summit, scheduled to take place in Las Vegas from April 12-13, 2024.

The Renuvion Users’ Summit serves as a gathering point for esteemed professionals in the fields of cosmetic and plastic surgery, hailing from 13 different countries. This forum facilitates the exchange of novel research findings, diverse applications, and valuable clinical insights pertaining to Apyx Medical’s Renuvion technology. The knowledge and advancements shared during this event are poised to empower medical practitioners in offering optimal care to patients seeking solutions for enhancing their appearance through procedures like body contouring.

This summit will showcase presentations from 27 key opinion leaders renowned for their profound understanding of Renuvion technology and its transformative impact on patient outcomes. Highlighted topics will include the application of ultrasound for measuring tissue contraction, techniques for scarless mastopexy utilizing Renuvion, improved fat graft viability post-Renuvion pretreatment, the integration of Renuvion in high-definition liposuction, and the consistent efficacy of Renuvion in addressing the back/bra roll concern.

Charlie Goodwin, President, and CEO of Apyx Medical Corporation, remarked, “The Renuvion Users’ Summit unites some of the brightest minds in the cosmetic surgery field, all driven by a shared mission to deliver top-tier care to their patients. Our aim is to empower our surgeon partners by providing access to cutting-edge insights and research related to Renuvion technology.”

Dr. Paul G. Ruff, a board-certified plastic surgeon and clinical research investigator for Apyx Medical, added, “Renuvion has revolutionized the lives of countless patients worldwide who seek solutions for loose skin. The unparalleled clinical data affirming the safety and efficacy of Renuvion underscores its leadership in the category. The knowledge exchange at the Renuvion Users’ Summit will further advance scientific understanding and ultimately benefit patients globally.”

Renuvion stands as a pinnacle in helium plasma and radiofrequency technology, offering remarkable tissue contraction capabilities by directly addressing the issue of loose skin at its source. With six recent FDA clearances and three exclusive indications, including post-liposuction use and subcutaneous tissue contraction, Renuvion continues to establish new benchmarks in safety and performance.

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