April Showcase Discover the Latest in Gift and Printed Packaging at Hong Kong Exhibition

With the participation of around 4,000 exhibitors from 21 countries and regions, the HKTDC Hong Kong Gift & Premium Fair is set to dazzle visitors at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from April 27 to 30. Running concurrently, the online matching service “Click2Match” will be accessible from April 20th to May 7th, facilitating connections and collaborations within the industry.

Returning to the spotlight is the Hall of Fine Designs, showcasing renowned brands like Beni A (Hong Kong), Biei Inji (Hong Kong), and Yashica (Japan). Additionally, the Hong Kong Exit Chamber of Commerce’s pavilion will highlight the design prowess and branding excellence of local product designers. Winners from the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards will also be featured, spotlighting the creative flair of Hong Kong brands on a global stage.

Anticipated by many, the Culture and Creativity Corner promises a vibrant array of designer brands and products with distinctive styles. Moreover, the introduction of the new Outdoor & Sports Equipment Zone will cater to emerging trends with displays of camping gear, dance shoes, sports equipment, and more.

In keeping attendees informed and fostering networking opportunities, industry seminars will delve into topics such as consumer market trends, sustainability, and the silver economy, sharing invaluable insights.

Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Exhibition and Hong Kong Deluxe Packaging Exhibition

Running concurrently at the Asia World Expo from April 27 to 30, the Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Exhibition, and the Hong Kong Deluxe Packaging Exhibition promise a comprehensive showcase of printing and packaging solutions. Once again, “Click2Match” will be available from April 20th to May 7th, facilitating connections within the industry.

The Printing and Packaging Exhibition serves as a prime marketplace for sourcing printing and packaging-related equipment, products, and services. This year, in response to the escalating global demand for luxury packaging, the fair will introduce the Deluxe PrintPack Hong Kong zone. Together, the exhibitions will host approximately 500 exhibitors, offering a diverse range of cutting-edge solutions.

Highlighted areas include:

  • Green printing and packaging: Featuring biodegradable materials, upcycled products, and innovative green solutions.
  • Food and beverage packaging: Showcasing functional solutions for fresh, chilled, and processed foods.
  • E-commerce packaging: Presenting creative solutions for businesses seeking to capitalize on e-commerce opportunities.

The Deluxe Packaging segment will unveil a variety of printing and packaging solutions tailored for luxury products such as jewelry, watches, cosmetics, gourmet foods, and wine.

Through forums and networking events, attendees will gain insights into industry trends, sustainable design practices, and the transformative effect deluxe packaging can have on brand identity. Noteworthy innovations from the Hong Kong Printing Awards, Hong Kong Digital Printing Awards, and GAAHK x PolyU Design-Packaging Design will also be showcased, highlighting advancements in print packaging design and production.

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