Amanda Sanders, Renowned Stylist and Fashion Expert, Offers Simple At-Home Tips for Preserving the Freshness of Your Winter Wardrobe

As winter tightens its grip, our cherished outerwear endures the brunt of harsh weather conditions. Frequently, winter favorites like sweaters and knits bear the burden of combatting the cold, leading to overuse. In response to this seasonal challenge, Amanda Sanders, a prominent Celebrity Stylist, Fashion Consultant, and Lifestyle Expert, generously shares uncomplicated yet effective tips for maintaining the longevity of your winter wardrobe. These practical suggestions ensure that your winter essentials, ranging from clothing to accessories, retain their quality throughout the season. Sanders emphasizes the emotional attachment we develop with our clothing, stating, ‘Our winter gear not only shields us from the cold but also becomes a reflection of our unique style. Preserving these pieces is crucial to looking and feeling our best in winters to come.’

Sanders’ five essential tips for caring for your beloved winter items include:

  1. Sweater Care and Cashmere Maintenance: To prevent warping, avoid hanging sweaters; if necessary, fold knits over the hanger to maintain their shape. For cashmere, wash sparingly, limiting it to once or twice a season to preserve softness and longevity. Sanders recommends using Arm & Hammer Power Sheets, a liquidless detergent with a fresh linen scent, ideal for on-the-go use or trips to the laundromat.
  2. De-Pilling Knits: Combat pilling on sweaters and pants with an electric sweater shaver like the Conair Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover. This handy tool easily removes pills, ensuring a clean and well-maintained appearance.
  3. Storage Boot Care: Preserve boot shape with shoe trees, available at most retailers. Stuffing boots with newspaper during storage prevents creasing and maintains their shape. Before storing boots for the season, ensure they are dry and clean, and consider using Cobbler’s Concierge shoe cleaning set.
  4. Protecting Shoes from the Outdoors: Shield shoes from snow and salt damage by applying a waterproof spray before venturing into the elements.
  5. Wool Coat Handling: If a wool coat gets wet, hang it and blot excess moisture with a towel. Avoid wringing or improper hanging, as this can alter the garment’s shape. Sanders advocates air drying wool coats rather than using a dryer.

Sanders concludes, ‘Caring for your winter wardrobe should be accessible to everyone. These tips are designed to assist individuals in keeping their favorite winter items in top-notch condition.

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