moment, adidas launches the iconic three- stripes brand on Roblox, a global, immersive platform for communication and connection. The experience kicks off with pop- up stores, carrying officially certified digital apparel and bespoke outfits for the platform( UGC). These digital wearables and accessories will begin appearing across a range of Roblox gests , fusing physical and virtual realms to bring adidas ’ notorious designs to a new generation of digital trendsetters and originators. Roblox druggies can now dress up their incorporations with some of adidas most iconic pieces similar as the firebird tracksuits. All particulars will be available on the Roblox Marketplace, icing availability and convenience for Roblox druggies.

As part of the different range of UGC collections incontinently on offer, adidas has joined forces with top Roblox creator Rush Bogin( Rush X) to craft a range of exclusive, limited- edition UGC that will be available on a first- come- first- served base. Following the original release, fresh designs for both adidas and adidas x Rush X collaboration products will be introduced, with new drops listed daily throughout December. The adidas x Rush X collection will be available alongside a wide range of iconic aesthetics that will be brought to new life from the brand’s being and forthcoming collections.

tone- expression, creativity, and stoner experience are at the heart of this of adidas entry into Roblox. adidas has created a range of vesture that embodies the sportful, imaginative, and visually bold spirit of Roblox, while staying true to adidas ’ contemporary and performance- driven character. The brand’s adventure into the digital realm will also produce connections with new cult, while offering long- standing adidas suckers the chance to collect and style functionary UGC on Roblox, through new icon customization options.

To buy an UGC from this new range of packs, visit one of adidas ’ pop- up stores within a sharing experience, or explore the adidas roster on the Roblox Marketplace, from December 7th.

sharing gests

Princess dress up Obby
Cotton Obby!
Seaboard City
Theme Park HeideLand
Noob Train
Dream Island
Ultimate Ragdoll Playground
adidas Virtual Pop-Up Stores

Millions of Roblox druggies now have the chance to discover the first adidas pop- up shops in some of their favorite gests , with further stores being regularly introduced in the following weeks. druggies can explore the first of these pop- up shops in the following gests Princess Dress Up Obby, Cotton Obby!, Seaboard City, Theme Park HeideLand, Noob Train, Dream Island, and Ultimate Ragdoll Playground.

Grazing an array of UGC vesture and accessories inspired by the brand’s SS24 physical collection, there’s commodity to fit each druggies ’ tastes and love for the three- stripes brand. illustrating the bold, swish, and creative aesthetic adidas is celebrated for, the product range includes designs that echo adidas ’ physical- world vesture, as well as miscellaneous, odd wares drafted specifically with Roblox’s instigative virtual terrain in mind. The adidas packs will be refreshed and streamlined on a regular base, with new UGC added each week.

adidas x Rush X

adidas x Rush X packs will include limited- edition particulars available at no cost( one item per stoner) for the first 10,000 units.

The prices for the adidas x Rush X packs will range from, 85 Robux, gradationally adding up to 500 Robux.

The digital particulars in the packs will include adidas Oversized TrefoilCross-Body Bag, Trefoil Crown with Halo, Black Hair with Beanie Headphones and further. These particulars will only be available in limited amounts, so druggies must act presto to add the exclusive styles to their in- game apparel collections.

To buy an UGC from this new range of packs, visit one of adidas ’ pop- up stores within a sharing experience, or explore the adidas roster on the Roblox Marketplace, from December 7th.

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