Adamas One Corp. Introduces Advisory Board for Adamas One Technologies

Adamas One Corp. (NASDAQ: JEWL), a leading force in lab-grown diamond innovation, proudly announces the creation of a Board of Advisors for its wholly-owned subsidiary, Adamas One Technologies. This esteemed board comprises industry experts and will offer strategic counsel as Adamas One Technologies explores the diverse applications of lab-grown diamonds within the semiconductor industry.

Lab-grown diamonds present a groundbreaking opportunity in semiconductors, offering a unique blend of thermal, electrical, and optical properties that can reshape semiconductor applications. As research progresses, the potential of lab-grown diamonds to enhance device performance and reliability becomes increasingly apparent. At Adamas One Technologies, we are dedicated to advancing lab-grown diamond science and technology to unleash their vast potential in semiconductor applications, fostering innovation within the industry.

“Our newly established Board of Advisors brings together seasoned professionals with extensive experience in semiconductor technology,” says Jay Grdina, CEO of Adamas One Corp. “Their collective expertise positions Adamas One Technologies for success as we delve into the transformative possibilities of lab-grown diamonds.”

The newly appointed board members include:

  • Jerry McGuire: With over 30 years of executive and high-tech experience, Mr. McGuire serves as the COO of Adamas One Corp. and President of Adamas One Technologies. His background includes successful ventures in semiconductor technologies and lab-grown diamonds, making him instrumental in driving the development and commercialization of lab-grown diamond materials.
  • Dr. Rafi Sahul: Dr. Sahul brings a wealth of corporate strategy experience across diverse markets, coupled with expertise in nanomaterials technology. His leadership in research and business development efforts, particularly in smart materials, positions him as a valuable asset to the board.
  • Alexi Bogdanov: A seasoned nanofabrication expert, Mr. Bogdanov’s proficiency in developing nanodevices for various applications adds significant depth to the board’s expertise in semiconductor technology.
  • Jim Intrater: Mr. Intrater’s extensive career in materials and process engineering, spanning multiple industries, brings invaluable insights to the board, particularly in areas such as metallurgy, ceramics, and polymers.

Each member contributes a wealth of experience and knowledge, positioning Adamas One Technologies for success in leveraging lab-grown diamonds for semiconductor applications.

Adamas One Technologies continues to spearhead innovation, exploring the transformative potential of lab-grown diamonds in the semiconductor industry. With their remarkable physical and electrical properties, lab-grown diamonds can meet the cost points required for semiconductor and high-performance computing applications.

“We are thrilled to welcome such esteemed industry experts to the Board of Advisors for Adamas One Technologies,” says Jerry McGuire, COO of Adamas One Corp. and newly appointed board member. “Their collective expertise will undoubtedly propel us to new heights as we explore the vast potential of lab-grown diamonds in semiconductor applications.”

Adamas One Technologies remains committed to pushing the boundaries of lab-grown diamond technology, driving growth, and innovation. The establishment of the Board of Advisors underscores the company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and delivering value to its stakeholders.

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