Acknowledging the Pioneers of Black Beauty Trends

Black beauty stands as a category unto itself, with each coil, braided style, and melanin-rich hue being distinctly recognizable. In celebration of Black History Month, The Network of Black Leaders and Executives (NOBLE) Employee Resource Group (ERG), in collaboration with ELC, proudly presents “The Black Influence on…Beauty.” This initiative delves into the profound impact of the Black community on the beauty industry, exploring beloved trends and their cultural significance.

The trailblazing Black beauty trendsetters rightfully deserve acknowledgment and praise for their remarkable contributions. From the meticulously crafted baby hairs showcased by celebrities on the covers of prominent Black beauty magazines to the intricate nail art inspired by Black music artists and athletes, as well as the trends like brownie-glazed lips and the latte makeup aesthetic – many of today’s viral, headline-grabbing, and runway-dominating trends originated within the Black community’s salons and kitchen tables.

As an ERG within a company committed to championing Black innovation and representation, NOBLE enthusiastically celebrates the Black beauty visionaries of both past and present, recognizing their undeniable impact on our industry. NOBLE and ELC also extend their appreciation to the Black beauty community’s members for the talents, experiences, and perspectives they bring to their roles year-round, contributing significantly to our company’s success and serving as inspiration for the next generation of Black beauty leaders.

In commemoration of “The Black Influence on…Beauty,” employees are invited to engage in a series of dynamic discussions and demonstrations featuring influential Black beauty experts across various categories, presented in collaboration with ELC brands. Some of the highlighted events include:

  • The Black Influence on…Skin Care: A discussion exploring how the science of Black skin drives advancements in product development to cater to diverse skin types, featuring Clinique and Origins.
  • Black Girl Freedom Week: A fireside chat with Nicole Monson, Senior Vice President, Equity and Engagement, and Grantmakers for Girls of Color’s Cidra Sebastion on February 13 during Black Girl Freedom Week 2024.
  • The Black Influence on…Trendsetting: Presented by M·A·C in partnership with Spelman College, an exploration of the Black community’s influence on viral makeup and fashion trends.
  • The Black Influence on…Beauty: An examination of the rich tapestry of Black culture’s impact on the beauty industry, from historical milestones to current trends, presented by our North America Regional ID&E Center of Excellence.
  • The Black Influence on…Hair Care: Presented by Bumble and bumble and Aveda, an exploration of how Black beauty salons and barber shops drive innovation, shape trends, and build communities.
  • The Black Influence on…Fragrance: Presented by Tom Ford, a lunch-and-learn designed to evoke memories, define experiences, and explore mood through the power of aromatherapy.
  • Heart Health and the Black Community: A discussion with ELC’s Corporate Medical Director Sharon E. Smith, MD, MBA, FACP, and Jennifer H. Mieres, MD, FACC, FAHA, MASNC, a renowned leading expert in the field of cardiovascular disease.

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