A Decade of About You Transforming from Startup to a Premier E-Commerce Group

A decade ago, in 2014, ABOUT YOU emerged with a bold ambition: to transform the shopping journey, particularly for Gen Y&Z. Their mission centered on crafting a personalized, inspiring, and digital retail experience. Fast forward to today, and the ABOUT YOU Group stands as a leading force in Europe’s online fashion and e-commerce arena. The group encompasses ABOUT YOU, a premier online fashion destination in Europe, and SCAYLE, a rapidly burgeoning software-as-a-service commerce platform.

PIONEERING STRATEGIES FOR THE FUTURE Conceived by Millennials for Gen Y&Z, ABOUT YOU pioneered innovative marketing tactics right from its inception. The strategy redefined marketing paradigms with concepts like hauls, live shopping, and creator marketing via social media. Leveraging a substantial database of over 27,000 influencers, each year witnesses a new social media host engaging the community, offering glimpses behind the scenes, announcing fresh collaborations, and highlighting unique events like the ABOUT YOU Awards, ABOUT YOU Pangea Festival, and ABOUT YOU Fashion Week.

EXCLUSIVE COLLECTIONS AS A DISTINCTIVE EDGE ABOUT YOU boasts a selection of over 4,000 brands, ranging from global giants to local gems. However, its standout feature lies in its exclusive collections and collaborations with creators and celebrities. Since its debut collection in 2017, ABOUT YOU has rolled out over 130 celebrity brands, comprising more than 430 limited-edition drops, predominantly available exclusively on its online fashion platform.

CUSTOMER-CENTRICITY THROUGH PERSONALIZATION With a whopping 33 million satisfied customers, ABOUT YOU’s acclaimed app and website offer unparalleled personalization in the industry. Across 28 European markets, ABOUT YOU tailors the shopping experience to suit the unique needs and cultural nuances of each country and its residents. Additionally, customers from approximately 100 countries worldwide can easily access aboutyou.com. Remarkably, within just a year of its launch, the ABOUT YOU app soared to become the most downloaded application in the App Store in December 2015.

SCAYLE – DRIVING DIGITAL BUSINESS EXPANSION SCAYLE, the B2B arm of the ABOUT YOU Group, extends the group’s cutting-edge e-commerce infrastructure to retailers and third-party brands. Powering over 200 online shops, the SCAYLE Commerce Engine, spun off in August 2023, offers a flexible and modern enterprise shop system equipped with a suite of integrated functions. Notably, SCAYLE continues to enhance its offerings with novel features such as subscription services, promotions, and omnichannel capabilities, ensuring it maintains a competitive edge.

FROM LOCAL ROOTS TO GLOBAL PRESENCE Initially serving as the e-commerce partner for prominent German retailers and brands, including DEICHMANN, FC Bayern, and Fielmann, SCAYLE has now expanded its reach beyond Germany’s borders. Its technology is gaining traction in BeNeLux, the United Kingdom, and the Nordics, attracting globally renowned enterprise clients like Mister Spex and Manchester United. Moreover, SCAYLE’s expansion into North America is bolstered by a dedicated local team and legal entity.

MILESTONES AND CELEBRATION 2018 marked a significant milestone as ABOUT YOU achieved Unicorn status, with a valuation of $1 billion, becoming Hamburg’s first Unicorn. This was succeeded by a successful trading debut on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2021. Today, the ABOUT YOU Group boasts a diverse workforce of over 1,200 individuals from 74 different nationalities and was lauded as the top-ranked digital company on manager magazin’s list of coveted employers in Germany in 2023.

Above all, ABOUT YOU commemorates its tenth anniversary alongside its devoted customers under the banner “10 years with you. 10 years ABOUT YOU.” Four unique commercials spotlighting “Everyday Heroes” and their personal triumphs are broadcasted on television. This anniversary celebration extends across all channels, featuring numerous surprises to express gratitude to customers, such as raffling every fifth order as a token of appreciation for their unwavering loyalty.

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